Saturday, January 29, 2011

USATF Half Marathon Championship Race - Houston Texas 2011 - Lead Pack Video

Quick video I took when the lead pack was making the first pass by our Elite Fluid Station;  Ryan Hall in the black and white singlet at the back of the pack;  This was just as they would be approaching the 2 mile marker.  I got TONS of pictures but that will have to wait!

They passed our station 3 times; this first time obviously not needing any fluids!


Anonymous said...

I'm always in awe. Especially since I can't even sprint that fast and they are running long distance at that pace

Junie B said...

and that was just before mile 2, they were, in their world, barely moving. you should have seen them the 3rd time at the 11.2 mark! they were flying!

Karen said...

Love the video! That's awesome!!

Jim said...

Thanks for posting the video