Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year! New You! New Me!

One of the things I am going to (at least attempt) this year is that every month I am either going to give something up, do something less, do something more, something new, etc.  Kind of like Lent only for a month at a time, and for 12 consecutive months.

What is up for January?  No Diet Coke.  Thats right no Diet Coke for 31 days.
I figure that this alone will save me about $45, as I buy a 32oz or 44oz'er every morning once I get to work, and then a couple on the weekends. 
For every month that I succeed at the goal, I am going to purchase a $50 Visa giftcard for myself and either spend them as I want, or stack em up and save for NYC!


So this morning, I drove over to pick up Melissa at the hotel they are staying at so that I could take her on a little run through River Oaks where I run quite a bit.  I picked this area for the larger than life houses and decorations (although with it being light out you couldnt see all the beautiful still up Christmas lights), and because I know there is very little traffic through there, even moreso on New Years Day.

Parked at Starbucks and I believe the route would end up being just shy of 5 miles.  I had some challenges with my tummy along the way, but it would ebb and flow, so it was fine.  We both had run long yesterday and were a bit tired, so thankfully my slow ass was ok for her ;)

After we were done, we went inside for more girl talk, a coffee and just having what I thought was indeed one of the best ways to start out the New Year.  I wish wish wish she lived in Houston  :) ...

Me and Melissa after our New Years Day run!

Now its time to get some chores done to start out the year on an even better note.  First up is whittling down my pile of jeans and cotton tshirts to a manageable number...goal is to get the jeans down to 5 pair, and the tshirts down to 10 :)

What a mess!  Before...

 After!  5 pairs of jeans, 9 cotton short sleeve (all race shirts); Now to either sell the 4 pair of Lucky jeans that I am parting with; either size 4 or 6 if anyone is interested!  I will either sell on ebay or take to Buffalo Exchange!  These are $125 pairs of pants, but will sell for $20 each + shipping.


Heather said...

What a great idea about your diet coke $. I would put cash somewhere though because those visa gift cards cost $5-$6 each. Or buy gift cards to a restaurant or something fun to do in NYC.

Good luck and happy new year!

Junie B said... know I bought a couple over the holidays at Walgreens as gifts and there was no charge added for them. Will investigate though! I already take out cash each paycheck and stash for my 'Christmas fund', so I would have to find ANOTHER stash place to keep it separate! :)

Jim said...

Those race shirts really accumulate fast. Good luck in 2011

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the diet coke cold turkey! I stopped drinking it for a long time, but it's gradually found its way back into my diet. Gotta work on that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the girl time and the run! We have to do that more often for sure :-)

LOVE your idea about the mini-lents. Good luck, I know you can do it!