Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What In The Sam Hill is Going On?

I had the alarm set for 5am this morning so that I could get a run in before work.  I figured the soreness in my quads (which incidentially got worse yesterday afternoon) would be minimal.

I was wrong.  For whatever reason the soreness in my quads still in all honesty equates to that of that I ran a marathon on Sunday instead of a half marathon.  I have no idea what is going on.  Even after getting to work, walking down the flights of stairs in the parking garage made me cringe.  Surely the horrible conditions and being excruciatingly cold both during the run and for about 6 hours afterwards didn't have me tensing up that much to where it affected me to this degree?  I have run much faster in much colder and didn't feel an iota of soreness the next day (Dallas White Rock for example).  Thoughts?

And on top of that, all the damn planks, both regular and side, not to mention having to do 'dolphin' on Jillians yoga dvd, my arms are a mess this morning as well.  Everything just hurts.

I did manage to get out the door though, and I just took it nice and easy.  Was very foggy out so I donned my little headlamp and a backside blinky light for safety.  I felt better for having done it and feeling like maybe...just maybe after hot yoga tonight for 90 minutes, I can really work out the soreness.

At least I certainly hope so...

90 min of hot yoga done!  I feel pretty certain that these legs are going to feel a lot better manana. 

During class, once we hit the floor, after the abs portion, we flip over onto our tum-tums and when I did that the pain in my quads as I rolled onto the floor was intense! 

I sure needed and completely enjoyed hot yoga tonight!! 

I am not certain the legs will be up for a speed workout tomorrow night but at least it should be a heck of a lot less painful.

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed.

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Heather said...

Crossing my fingers for you!