Sunday, January 23, 2011

Memories...Like the Corners of my Mind...

...Misty water-colored memories...of the way we were....
Scattered pictures... of the smiles we left behind...

Even back then I guess I had a big smile!  For those that can't figure out which one I am; middle brunette :)
Gah!  Senior pic?!  Wish I knew how to maximize my  unruly and curly hair back then; always trying to force the 'wings'.  No such thing as a Chi flatiron back then!

Who knows?  Me in the front yard obviously before leaving for the big Friday night game!

After my *long* run on Saturday, I headed to Mom's as I was yet again going out there to give my sister a much needed break.  There really isn't much to it really, make sure you give her water off and on until its time to prepare her for meals or to turn in for the night, so I set off into one of the extra rooms to begin digging through some stuff.  I have been 'talking' with my last boyfriend in high school lately and I wanted to find one of the last pictures we had together as he didnt remember us going to that Oilers game and he wanted to see the pictures.  Anyway, as of yet I havent found that particular picture but I did start finding some things from high school including my diploma and my graduation cap!  I also found my scrapbook from my first year on Drill Team (the photos above)...I seriously was laughing so hard at so many of them; us at drill team camp at North Texas State, team get-a-ways, competitions etc.  There are way more great photos that I brought home with me, but I am going to have to find someone with a scanner as photo-ing them with my phone just isnt going to cut it.  Anyway, so much of the things I found brought smiles but also melancholy.  Thankfully there is no evidence of the hell that was Junior High.  There aren't any yearly school pictures from those years either.  I remember throwing them away on the days we would receive them, and I think one year I was 'sick' on picture day on purpose.

Anyway I thought you might get a laugh or a smile out of seeing these...I sure did.  Once I scan some of the others I will post them.

Next trip out I am planning to start boxing things up, making it easier to go through all the crap that my Mom started 'hoarding' the past couple of years.  You can't hardly walk in either of the extra rooms due to all the crap.

Slept  in on Saturday morning, skipping the last run before Houston with Kenyan Way (the route was basically a short jaunt to the park, do as many loops as you needed then head back, well that just wasn't my idea of fun.  Especially when it was 29deg out.  No way.  I only had 10 miles (schedule called for 8, but being the overachiever that I am sometimes), and to get up at 5am and run in the dark and the cold just wasnt going to happen.  I got up around 7am and was out the door shortly thereafter.  It was still cold (32deg), but it was daylight and I didnt have to do anything but step outside my front door.

So off I went, heading towards Rice, complete with capris, the only really thick cold weather long sleeve I own (not much use for them here), an earband, gloves and my iPod.  I put a Gu and some water out on my porch and off I went.  Ran a 6 mile route before ending back up at the house, ate the Gu, drank some water and I was off again.  Different direction, different scenery.  
I had taken my gloves off 1.5 miles in and stuck them in the crook of a tree, grabbed them on the way back which was good because my hands got cold along Rice, but by the time I got back, they were too warm again and so I left them on the porch.
This would suck later because they got really cold on the last miles and by the time I was done, my fingers did not want to work, so it was hard to use my key to get back in.
No Garmin.  Just ran the mileage and that was that.  :)

Today, after coming home from Mom's, the sun was shining a bit and the temp was about 60deg so I put on my shorts, my DWR finisher short sleeve and I was off for a quick 3 miles.  

One week to Houston.  Hoping for decent weather.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics! you haven't aged a bit!

I'm thinking the weather will be good. Although ever since they sent our their alert system, my friend AK has been freaking out about the weather. I looked and so far, looks perfect! I hope it's good here too