Friday, January 28, 2011

Bah! Race Day Forecast Delivered by Marathon Officials

Based on this projected forecast, the Event alert remains GREEN, which suggests ideal temperature range; but the forecast is for a high probability of rain. This will make the roads slippery and also increase the possibility of hypothermia (cold exposure) in the early morning. It is likely that conditions will move to YELLOW by mid morning and possibly even RED by mid day.

There is also a threat of thunder showers. If lightning is in the area, the start may be delayed. Once the race has started, if lightning is in a 10 mile area of the course the race will be stopped and a black flag will be displayed. All runners must move to shelter and will be directed to the nearest overhead shelter by course officials and the Houston Police Department. The race may be restarted under an altered race plan or it may be cancelled and the course cleared. This decision will be made based on the Houston Marathon Committee Cancellation policy and with consideration to the likely conditions for the remainder of the day, including the availability and feasibility of continued road closures for the course.


Karen said...

Oh man. I hope it stays green and none of the other things happen!

Junie B said...

with the temps we are supposed to have it wont stay green, but i bet by the time i finish its yellow, by the time the mid and back of the packers of the full marathon it will be red. lets just hope there is no BLACK because that means it will have either been halted or cancelled altogether! eek!

kderoll said...

I really hope that there is not lightning/a black flag displayed. I am not sure how well I would handle potential cancelation/restart/postponment once I've actually started. I am thinking, not well.