Wednesday, January 19, 2011

USAFit Sugarland Half Marathon Race Photo's (or Look! Its a Drowned Rat!)

One of the things I am digging about these photos (certainly isn't the rain plastered hair to my head look, or the my clothes/shoes weigh 20 lbs look either) is that I can definitely tell that I am getting some serious 'yoga arms'. 
Just makes me want to work that much harder on what energy I expend and what food(s) go into my body.  I truly believe (now) that a well toned, slender, strong body is formed by 80% of what you put into it and only 10% of exercise is going to be the determining factor at the outcome.  Its only been 2 weeks since I got back to seriousness about what goes in this vessel, but I see a difference already.

Coming up to the Finish Line just before I darted off to the left to miss the timing mat!

Focus Junie, Focus

Talk about gravity taking over on this shot, even my face is droopy on the down step!
All photo's copyrighted but I borrowed them for my blog.  :O)


Charlotte said...

YOu go girl! I detest running in rain. And snow. And cold. Basically I'm a princess;) So proud of you!!

Junie B said...

thanks Charlotte!!!

pouring rain, 20mph winds and 50deg.

50 is not cold, but add the wind and rain? I was a mess and still freezing for about 3-4 hours after a hot shower.