Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 1 (January 10th) Weight Loss:  3 lbs
Week 2 (January 17th) Weight Loss: 2.51 lbs

Amazing what eating the right foods again will do for you.


Anonymous said...

I'm on week 2 of more fruits and veges..No white carbs etc no gluten, no weight loss and I keep getting extremely dehydrated.

Anonymous said...

way to go!

How much are you trying to lose?

You know I look great, but I know you have your own personal reasons for wanting to lose.

Anonymous said...

that was SUPPOSED to say, you know I think YOU look great.

sheesh, that typed out totally wrong, lol!

Junie B said...

I knew what you meant :)

Well at the very least back down to what I was pre-Chicago. I didnt realize I had gained that much, but I guess I had (even though clothes were fitting ok which is odd)..anyway..

However, I still would like to meet my goal weight some time before June 1. Thats 7 more lbs.