Sunday, January 2, 2011

Darn Resolutioners!

90 min hot yoga; GREAT practice today!  I challenged myself on several poses, doing the more advanced move(s) and was shocked at my progress!  I am usually afraid to go to the next level on poses but today I felt a bit adventurous!  Plus I felt like showing off a little (with the room full of newbies)... :)... which brings me to this:

For whatever reason I guess I just didnt expect for the studio (yoga) to be inundated with a gazillion people.  I mean I am use to the gym being that way, and the park, and the roads etc. for the month following all the New Year resolutions that are made every. single. year. and by February everything is back to normal.  :)

But my goodness when I went to hot yoga this morning GEEZ LOUISE! the studio filled up and by looking at what I was seeing, the class was about 75% newbies; that was pretty much confirmed when the instructor asked for a show of hands of people that were new to a) hot yoga or b) yoga in general.

Unfortunately there were some that were in the room that knew nothing of etiquette.  And of course one of them placed her mat directly in front of mine and I had to reach in and dig deep on all the balancing poses to keep my pose and not to fall out.  There is not much that I can say about this person without offending anyone that reads this, so I will just say this:  If you are new, great!  And if you can't do a pose, or you arent sure what to do, OR you get tired, please for the love of Pete don't stand here humming and flailing your arms back and forth while you 'rest' or 'wait'. 

This is so distracting to the not only me being directly behind you but also because everyone in the room is facing a wall of mirrors, everyone, whether they see it directly or indirectly are distracted by your movements when they aren't in unison with everyone else.  There were other things that she would do that really tried my concentration, and I just hope and pray that I am not in a class with her again, and if I am I will make sure to be on the other side of the room from her!

On a good note I got my 2nd pair of ToeSox in the mail so I was happy about that!  These have the toes cut out but the outcome is the same with them on!  The only thing I did differently today was instead of taking them off after the standing and balancing poses, I left them on for the floor series.  This really helped with my planks so that my footing was just as awesome as if I were standing.

So in other news, its day 2 of no diet soda, and not until this afternoon am I feeling the headache.  Although I am not sure if its the lack of caffeine or the lack of food.  After I thought about it I realized I haven't eaten very much at all today.  I've been busy and food takes a backseat; I just dont 'feel' hungry when I am busy.  I am making ground turkey burger patties to have on hand for the next couple of days for lunch and dinner.

What about you?  Have you experienced any frustration(s) yet with the resolutioners?  Does it drive you nutso?  I know it does me and I will be glad when February gets here so that about 25% (if not more) of them will be gone.


Lauren said...

Ehhh I just think of it as it's the only time most of these people will be active and I hope that just one or two of them stick with it and make the world healthier. After all, "start running" was my NY resolution for about 4 years before it actually stuck last year. So, I say to the resolutioners, go ahead and do the whole resolution thing, on the offchance that it may stick :D

Junie B said...

I saw an interesting statistic that said that 25% will quit (whatever they resolved to do or not do) after 1 month, but that 45% are still hanging on at 6 months. :)

Abby said...

It totally drives me nuts... I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm all for people trying to get in shape - I just wish they didn't hog the treadmills for the first two months of the year!

Anonymous said...

I haven't experienced the resolutioners yet, but I HATE them.
Unfortunately i've found that at my gym they don't go away until like March or April. And I have to start moving my runs inside sometimes this time of year, because the cedar kills me.

My weight loss was a resolution type thing 4 years ago, but I already had a gym membership, lol

Karen said...

I don't go to the gym anymore but it always frustrated me when all the treadmills were full because so many people had made resolutions to run! About a month later, all was back to normal and virtually every treadmill was empty! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm more frustrated with the lack of commitment. I don't understand why people won't make time for their health. My pet peeve!

NY Wolve said...

As a fellow resolutioner (with some historical success), I hope that they stick with it. or, at least learn enough to appreciate the commitment and difficulty involved.

Neeraj Rohilla said...

It's nothing new. Fast runners say this for middle of the packers, middle of the packers to back of the packers, and back of the packers to walkers and walkers to Race directors who close the course on time.

The only content people are elite runners (they look so calm and I have seen then act honorably in some situations) or just plain having fun walker.

For everyone else, it is a vicious circle. Sometimes we become one we hate to guts. At Turkey trot, I was cribbing about merging 5k/10k course and the sea of middle/back packers I had to deal in last 1.2 miles. A good friend commented, "But, they paid the same money as you did" and I had my "Ahaaa" moment.

More glory to anyone who even works out for a week in country where over eating and exercising less is the norm. May be they will continue for 2 weeks next year and finally get into it in next 4-5 years.

TX Runner Mom said...

Yep, I went to the gym for a swim and the place was packed. Fortunately, most of the resolutioners are on the cardio equipment or in classes, not in the pool! It wasn't too bad at spin class at work though, thank goodness!

elf said...

Eh, it's ok. I was a newbie once, too, and I appreciated everyone who was patient with me. I did hate trying to find a parking spot at Memorial Park the first few weeks in January, but I'd rather see people out there trying to get healthy than sitting at home on their couches. I know how good exercise makes me feel, and I hope that they all stick with it so that they can feel that good, too. The world would be a happier place...

Happy New Year JB! Hope it's a great one!