Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cranky Pants

I am not a happy camper today (at least at 12:29pm as that is when I am starting todays post).

Maybe its the fact that I am on day 3 of detox.
Maybe its because I am just being overly sensitive.
Maybe because my hormones are out of whack (why they would be I have no clue)
Maybe I am going nutso.
Maybe I am just having a bad day.

In all honesty I dont think its the detox.  While I am indeed still getting use to
the alteration of how I eat again, I didnt fall far off the path, so its not as bad as it once was back in late 2009/early 2010. 

Today I altered the eats again mid morning snack to be 1/2 cup cooked oatmeal and 1/2 cup fruit.  Lunch I added the tofu again to my spinach salad and they had oven baked sliced sweet pototo rounds in the cafeteria so I got a bit of those!  If I had seen that they had been drenched in oil no way would I have gotten them, but they actually are now having a 'lighter' choice of entree and a side on the 'homestyle' section of the cafeteria so that worked out in my favor.

I still have salmon left so I figure I am going to have that for dinner with my broccoli instead of the scallops and save the scallops for tomorrow night!  Plus I have an extra nanner and leftover berries, so tomorrow morning we will continue the smoothie thing for breakfast.

All in all this little 'detox' did exactly what I wanted it to.  Remind me of some of the foods I love so much but had gotten away it taught me the what I think is key (at least to me) trick, and that is to embrace my hunger.  I got to where I was/am so hungry all the time with the combo of running and hot yoga, that I started just feeding myself every time I felt a bit uncomfortable.   As far as if it did anything more than that?  I dont know...I wont be getting on the scale again until probably Saturday?  But I know I certainly feel better, things are happening like they should be happening (and often if you know what I mean)...its all good.

And I was excited writing out my grocery list again!  Looks 'normal' to me for a change...Yes it takes a bit more time to eat like I like to eat (prep time) but planning is key to success and I just let myself get so busy that while I was eating ok, I was taking the easier routes a lot of the time, and I was being lazy with purchases, and never feeling satisfied because I do much better when I fill my house with a lot of options!  So I am anxiously awaiting Friday's grocery trip!

Wow.  From when I started writing this up to just now, I think I just wrote myself out of my cranky pants!

Hip hip hooray!!!  OK back to work....


I really was dreading running this afternoon.  Its dreary out, cold (43deg w/ feels like of 39 when I started) and I knew part of my route was going to have me going into a headwind (even though it was slight it was enough to make me grumble).  So I broke the run up, running 3 miles; then stopping at the casa for a chug of water from a bottle I left outside, then heading off in another direction for a different route.  I meant to take this run easy since I have the 1/2 on Sunday, but because I was dreading the run to begin with I ran with music therefore I ran a lot faster than I intended.  I kept trying to slow my pace down but its next to impossible with my playlist :).

The first 3 miles did indeed suck, just lethargic, but then the last 3 miles went swimmingly.  I dont know what kicked in, but I was glad it did.  Thankful to get that out of the way...and now I sit here freezing waiting for my broccoli to steam...I am SO looking forward to dinner!!!

Am I the only one that had to succumb to the cold and dreary outdoors for a run today?


Jim ... 50after40 said...

Great job on pushing yourself. I don't know what it is either, but sometimes if you can just hammer out the first half of your workout, the second half isn't so bad. Awesome job!

Bert said...

I'm also having problems with motivation to go out into the cold Likewise had a very good 6-miler yesterday despite the weather. Keep up the good work!

Vic said...

Can you just e-mail me your grocery list? Thanks. :)