Monday, January 3, 2011

Maniac Monday

Mondays are now deemed to be maniac Monday.  Its the day that I run, do weights (just a little) and then head over to do 90min of hot yoga.

I did an hour on the treadmill, some upper body weights then headed over to YBC.  I thought my favorite instructor was going to be back today from vacation but she wasn't.  What I got was Nicole.  I have never taken her before, and the instructors are all a bit different once we hit the floor series, especially when it comes to abs and planks.  We'll revisit this in a minute....

First off, going in to the room, it was NOT hot.  The previous instructor, who is new, had had an 80 deg class and didnt realize he needed to start cranking the heat up towards the end of his class.  Well Nicole fixed that and fixed it but good.  First she turned off all the fans and cranked it up to 130 and instructed us all to work extra hard at the beginning to help raise the temperature in the room.  Having the fans off basically means its going to be more humid instead of forcing the already hot air down on to you and keeping some air circulation.  OH. EM. GEE.  Within 15 minutes it was on like donkey kong.  I was pouring sweat and was already drenched.  We done good (the room was packed so it was easy with all of us in there).  She kept the fans off until about 15 min left and never really turned down the heat.  I was dying.  For the first time using ToeSox they were also drenched.  The sweat on my legs was just rolling and rolling down my legs and there wasnt anything I could do about it.

Now once we got on the floor, the abs began and again OH. EM. GEE.  That woman be cray-cray!  She did some ab exercises I didnt think my body would contort to, then on to planks, and again I was like you cray-cray woman!  I literally thought my arms were going to just fall off.  It was right after this that I thought, shit I am just gonna leave now before I die in here!  But of course I didnt.  I stayed.  And I didnt die either.  :)  I thought to myself 'come on Houston hot ass summer with all your humidity, because this year you will not get me!' 'I am ready for yo ass!'  :)

So here I sit, with my heart still kinda racing but also feeling vewy vewy I could sleep until Thursday.  :)

Tomorrow is a non-run day, but yet another hot yoga day...Please oh please, Gail...pleeeeeeeeeeease be back tomorrow!  I can't take another day with Nicole :)

I gots to go and lay my ass down on the couch.  :)


Vic said...

Are you serious about that building up your heat tolerance? I know a big issue for IM Texas is going to be the heat. Do you think hot yoga would help me get used to the extreme heat?

Junie B said...

Vic: ABSOLUTELY. I have already witnessed it on some of the warmer runs we've had with all the roller coaster weather we've had.

Anonymous said...

Man, I still want to try this. They really need to get some places closer to me!

There was a groupon for a place sorta near my work last week, but I forgot to buy it when I got home :-( Still inconvenient location wise, but it was a start.

Anonymous said...

This hot yoga is going around. I just left another blogger who did hot yoga!!

NY Wolve said...

Not sure anything can really prepare you for Texas summer heat. And the Houston humidity to boot.

K said...

What does the Hot yoga vs regular yoga do for someone? I ask this sincerely since I have no idea.