Friday, January 14, 2011

The Jackass Whisperer and "I'm Meeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllting" Yoga Post

I posted something on Facebook today that simply said:  'breathing in....breathing out...I am NOT the jackass whisperer'...people thought it was funny, and I suppose it is, but its also very sad to me.  I wish I had the blue/red pill thing that I could force down someones  peoples throat so that they could finally come out of whatever unrealistic world they happen to think they live in. 

...and yes the rambling will continue for a couple of more paragraphs...

Actually today was just kind of the buttercream frosting on top of the cake if you will...the other evening, in a mindless conversation (means I really couldnt care less), I asked 'why is that?' to something and the response, while once upon a time would have maybe surprised me, this time (and the last couple of times actually) didn't.  I just responded with 'oh.'  I actually felt embarrassed for asking because I already knew the answer you know?  It was more like just .. well... I guess I was being mean.

I don't get it.  I don't get why people make the same mistakes over and over and over and over again.  Oh wait, I did that for a long time as well in one situations.  Then honestly it was like a light switch going from the On position to the Off position, but at least (for me) there was still some go in the light bulb to where it worked and wasn't burnt out thank goodness. 

I find myself 'present and accounted for' but really I am completely checked out in this case...pretending like I give a rats ass.  I think once you lose the respect for a person, whether friend, foe or partner, it would take a miracle to get that back.

Anyway, lately this person is just really been a jackass.  I don't ever use that word honestly, but I can't think of a better word .. I just cant.  And believe I know how this will go ... Only this time?  I'm keeping the light switch in the OFF position.

I continued on today with my back to health eats (which was the whole idea of the detox)...still started the day with a protein smoothie since I had leftover fruit for one, but then for my mid morning snack I opted for one of those tiny whole grain bagels (100cal) and the least amount of natural PB that I could possibly put on there unless I was to put none.  :O)  One good thing about being "off" detox...I got some PB!  If only just a teensy bit.

Lunch was once again a LARGE (mainly) spinach salad; with tofu (I am really starting to love this especially with the balsamic vinegar) , some sunflower seeds, sliced egg (whites only; and yes I shook the little thing till the yolk fell out back into the container on the salad bar), and 1/2 tomater. 

I also, if you can believe this, got a side order of steamed spinach off the ala carte.  Popeye ain't got nuthin' on me!!! 

Dinner will be those scallops I mentioned that I bought (can't wait!!!) along with
1 sliced roasted new potato with maaaaaaaaaaaaybe a smidge of NF sour cream.

Knowing that I was going to be taking today and Saturday completely off from anything physical, I wanted to make my first attempt at a back to back hot yoga class.  A hot yoga class, the one most similar to Bikram is 90 min.  Whew!  3 hours!  I know what I feel like after one, so this was going to take some guts and determination on my part to stay the 15 min in between the end of Gayles class and the beginning of Nicoles. 

What worked in my favor today, was the fact that for some reason it was difficult to get the room up to a what is normally scorching temp (Gayle blamed all the windows and the 30 deg weather outside which is probably spot on), but it was hot, just not like normal.  Therefore it made the whole class a bit 'easier' if you will.  I barely went through one bottle of water (in comparison I normally go through 2).  So I waited around and kept thinking how hungry I was and that I could just go...but no I wanted to see if I could do it.  My intention really was to just make it through the first hour of the 2nd class (before the floor series; which I hate Nicole's floor series so that solidified my decision). 

So I am sitting around, drenched.  Finally the class starts and here we go...the room was MUCH hotter by now and Nicole turns off the fans, so its always more humid in her classes.  Add on the fact that there are twice as many people and you get scorching and humid and that ends up within 2 sets of poses and I was dripping sweat from every pore.  Several times I thought "I cant do this..."  I was tired, my muscles were aching and my balance was starting to waver.  I know the pose sequence backwards and forwards, so I knew exactly how many more sets of 2 of them I had to go...just hang on.  Don't push as hard.  This is your 2nd class, so its ok to be this tired.  Drink more water (I had refilled up my bottles before class). 

So fiiiiiiiiiiinally we get to where I know I have 1 more pose (2 sets) and its the easy one (tree pose; to start bringing the HR back down)...I did it!  2.5 hours and I did it!  My body temp was so high and I was beyond drenched that even when I walked outside with a jog bra and shorts I didnt even acknowledge that it was 30something deg outside.  To me it might as well have been 100.  In that one hour of the 2nd class with Nicole I went through 1 bottle of water, and could have used more. 

I was in the zone.  I dont even really remember driving home.  All I could think about was:  get home.  get out of car.  start the scallops.  get in shower.  eat.  I don't think I have ever loved scallops as much as I did last night!

This morning I felt surprisingly good.  Not as tired as I have been all week which surprised me.  And for the first time in I dont know how long, I can barely feel the pain in my right hip.  Tis guud!

Randon Question:  How often do you go online to check you bank accounts? 
I check mine at least once a day.  Sometimes more than that...and I have one of my banks online app on my phone (where most of my dolla's are) so I can check it there if I feel the need...
I'm obsessive about it to a point, I guess; I keep a certain amount of $$$ in my checking for example and never let it go below that (even with bills due) so I check that against any outstanding bills coming that are about to be paid so that I know where I am in my budget for that pay period plus I like to make certain no one has stolen my debit card number and wiped out my checking and savings accounts from one day to the next!!!
I also check online with my IRA's, and my 401K with my job.  Thats 3 different websites I have to hit to check to make sure I still gots my money!

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