Friday, January 28, 2011

Chevron/Aramco Houston Marathon and Half Marathon - Expo (In Pictures)

Mile 23 ish of the marathon route (porta potties are up!)

Around mile 24ish; you're on the FLAT homestretch now, you can TASTE downtown Houston!  The rest of the route from here are for the half marathoners as well, just that the full marathoners are on the other side of Allen Parkway; both heading in the same direction; both towards the same goal!  The FINISH line!

You are about a mile away now from the Finish!  Can you smell it!?!?!?

1 mile to go and there is always a big sign hanging there on the overpass and you want to puke on it if you could!

One more block and you turn left on Louisiana, then one more right hand turn and you can see the Finish!!!

George R. Brown Convention Center (home of the Expo)

Another shot of the GRB

I get to see him zoom zoom zoomah zoom past me tomorrow as I am working the USATF championships for the half marathon distance!

My favorite!  Sweaty Bands!


Lukes Locker!!  My other part time j.o.b.  They obviously have a huge presence at the expo; Ryan Hall will be there tomorrow!  I just cant handle going on a Saturday (too crowded!)

My friend Suriaya, working at the 'store' at the expo

I thought this shirt was cute in a I hate you kind of people that yell this from the side of the road kind of way...seriously?  I am NOT almost there when you start yelling it at mile 4, mile 17 or even mile 20.  Shut up!  :)

Yeah good luck runners!  its gonna be a booming thunderstorm soggy wet mess of a race on Sunday!  Why couldnt we have had todays clear blue skies kind of day (cept not 70 deg ok?)  It is beautiful out today...sitting here with the doors open!!

Tiara I got for giving the Disney peeps my contact info for emails about Disney races (thinking of doing the Goofy Challenge Jan 2013 with a friend of mine!)

Stuff.  And by the way I hate that at expos now a LOT of vendors only let you taste their product with no free samples to take home with you!  Bah!

Same stuff; different angle :)  I kept the pamphlets for Disney, Angies Crazy Half marathon and all the RnR races

OK so now I am gonna chill out a bit, then go for a short run here in a bit; one last little run before Sunday.  Now whether or not I actually race on Sunday...that is the question...Will depend on the state of Mother Nature.  :)  I am not going through what I went through 2 weeks ago and this is supposed to be worse.  Hopefully the 'front' will speed its ass up and be out of here by Sunday morning!

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Karen said...

Love all the pictures! GOOD LUCK and I hope the front moves sooner than expected!! How exciting about Ryan Hall! I love that shirt,'s so true! lol The crown is cute...I'll have to talk to the Disney people if they are at RnR Nola! I'm planning on doing Goofy 2013 if all works out, too! Yay!