Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Got Soul, but I'm Not a Soldier

This is one of my all time favorite sports moments ever.  For anything anyone wants to set out to do, you can do it!  Joan Benoit Samuelson changed the lives of American women that day (but not for fashion..that hat is cray-cray)  :O) ...runners and non-runners alike in my opinion.   And I hate that I am still crying after watching it for the gabazillionth time. 

If you have the time I think its worth a looky-see. 


Kate said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing and bringing a tear (or 2) to my eye at work.

I have to share this with my runner friends.

Can you imagine being in her shoes? How amazing that moment would feel.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this!

Junie B said...

and at the age of 53, this past October in Chicago, she ran a 2:47 narrowly making the time cut off to make the Olympic Trials in 2012!!!

53!!! 2:47?!?!? cray-cray! I was there, and would have just DIED if i would have able to meet her.

Junie B said...

i meant that she narrowly MISSED making the cutoff time.. she wont be at the trials. sorry that came out wrong :)