Friday, January 14, 2011

Detox Do's and Don'ts

As you all know that on Monday of this week I started a 3 day detox that I had seen on the The Today Show.  Not one of the crazy long term detoxs specifically for dropping weight or anything like that, but I did need to get out some of the crap that I know accumulated over the past couple of weeks, and just get back to my normal self (which is just this side of crazy ;o))...anyway, my detox I think followed a nutritional path, where I was still getting a lot of nutrients, but definitely taking back out all the crap.  Within 1 day I felt better, tired a bit yes, but better.  And I even extended it really a day, and surprisingly this morning I felt great!  Not tired; stuff that hurt, doesn't anymore...I am sleeping better again, and I feel leaner; less bloaty etc.

So this morning I see this on The Today Show (I watch the segments online at work that interest me when I get the chance)...and I watched it and I thought "good stuff" and tacks on to what I saw last week.  I am pretty sure I might do this once a month from here on out.

Tonight I tackle the grocery store for a weeks worth of the foods I can't wait to get back to eating!  While I didnt partake in all the holiday food and treats, I did find myself more busy (working a lot of 6 day weeks and also taking care of mom), therefore I got 'lazy'.

This morning I had a breakfast taco!  eggs, some beans and salsa.  Glory on high it was dayum good! 

Now I am settling in for another salad but have topped it with 1/2 turkey patty.  No snacks today so far (eggs do keep you satisfied for much longer than a protein smoothie thats fo sho!)

Enjoy the Today Show segment, and I wonder if anyone out there is thinking of doing a detox (the healthy kind)?  After doing this one, I highly recommend the one I did for a kick start and if for nothing else it makes you feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel good.

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Jim ... 50after40 said...

I've enjoyed the details of your detox journey. Be safe. Best wishes.