Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday:  90 min hot yoga class.  3rd day in a row and man I was feeling it, but I powered through and ended up with a fantastic workout!  Lots of sweat again, and I can only think its due to the lack of diet soda (now on day 5), and all the extra water I am taking in.

Wednesday:  Had a threshold pace run on the schedule: 9:21 to 9:30 pace but I wasnt entirely sure this was going to work out.  I woke up this morning so very, very tired.  3 days of hot yoga with running to in there along the way, no rest day since last Thursday and on top of that (which I didnt realize at first) was its TOM as well.  No wonder I was so tired.  I hadnt really been paying that much attention to the calendar.  Anyway, I actually left work early (2pm) due to extreme cramping, came home, took some ibu and went to sleep for 2 hours.  When I woke up the cramps were gone, so I suited up and headed out around 5:30.  65deg and a bit humid out, and I opted for running with my shuffle today as I find the music does indeed help on my speed workouts.  Well the threshold pace run ended up being a tempo run (first mile I did at threshold and the rest was done at 8:50 pace) and I thank the music for getting me there.  I actually felt great and the legs felt good and strong.  So 6 mile tempo run done!  11 days to the USAFit Sugarland half marathon.  I may be opting to run with music for the first time ever in an actual race.

I will be glad when Friday gets here so I can have a rest day!  Long run on Saturday will be 13-15 miles.

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