Friday, December 9, 2011

Ten Man Jam - KILT - Houston, Texas

Twelve years ago, one of my best friends, a DJ in the city of Houston, put together this little shindig called the Ten Man Jam and for 12 years it keeps going and going and going.  Although now she plays no part in its production, its still the same at its core, only now they like to include some of the 'big Nashville wigs' in on it, which kinda turned me away from it for a few years where Texas music artists seemed to be edged out somewhat.

So this year when she asked me if I wanted to go and bring along a friend, I first went to look at the line up before commiting and I must say, I was impressed as I have not been the past couple of years, so I said yes and found myself meeting up with friends and having a wonderful time last night .. not only that but I blew off running (wednesday), stayed out WAY past my bedtime and even had a beer.

Here are a few photos from the evening

Stoney Larue:  OK and TX legend.  If you've never heard him, you need to.  Look for Texas Moon, One Chord Song and/or Oklahoma Breakdown.  3 of my favorites (out of a million)

Gary Allan.  Oh how I love this guy.  His old stuff is my fav, which 2 of his 3 songs he did along with Songs About Rain (one of my faaaaaaaaaaavorites); Have a video of it from last night, will post later.

Martina.  Pure angelic and genius.  Her Oh Holy Night for her 3rd song brought the house to its feet and our hearts beating out of our chests.  Also have a video of this; will post later.

Clay Walker.  No words other than marry me :O)

The first 5 artists on stage.  They come out one at a time, do a song, then once all 5 are done they repeat each doing 2 more songs.  Then the 2nd set of artists begin their rounds.

Stoney again...

Clay and someone he brought along did You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma.  WONDERFUL and the girl was awesome.  Reminded me of the 'young' Leann Rimes.

Alan Jackson started the show and only one that did not want to participate in the normal format and he wanted his full band.  This caused delay in the first set of artists beginning and I hope they never do this again.  90 minutes WASTED. 

Jack Ingram.  Another Texas legend who did some good in Nashville but hes more of a Texas man; not a Nashville copycatter.  His old school stuff is awesome and the man is a genius songwriter

2nd 5.  Kevin Fowler there on the end.  Not a fan.

Hootie....I mean Darius Rucker!!!

Kevin and Eric Church, the girls name escapes me...Sara Evans was also in this group

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GraceRivac said...

Happy times watching this kind of show! I am actually expecting a mens kilts on this page but I enjoyed looking at it.