Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kenyan Way 'Long' Run - 13 miles

Nice cool morning, but a bit windy.  Thankfully part of our run was through RO, the place of no wind no matter what.  :O)  It was pretty running through there this morning with a lot of folks leaving their Christmas lights on.  Those rich people sure must have some high electric bills during December!  I wish more of the people left them on though.  There were a lot of homes that you could tell had lights and decorations but must turn them off when they go night-night.  :)

I somehow walked out of the house this morning with no Garmin?  Unheard of, but I definitely did it and didn't even realize it until I took off for my first few miles around base before starting with the group.

My back yesterday was quite ouchy, so I was worried for this morning and when the alarm went off it was still a bit ouchy, but bearable.  Once I started running it eased up thankfully and I never really felt much of it unless I was on a down-slope (there are a few on this route). 

Since I left my Garmin at home, I just got in the 4hr group and decided to hang on as long as I could, knowing that they would be running faster than the posted training pace.  I had to step it up this morning due to the fact I had an early hair appointment in Sugarland (couldnt get a later one!).  I am not sure where I ended up in the mix, but figured I was either with the 4hr group and by the end was with the 4:15 group.  I knew early on that I should not try and keep up with them, but did until about the 1/2 way point mostly because once we came out of RO the wind was a headwind and got in right behind 2 girls in the 4hr group and drafted until we switched directions :)  which was about just over a mile or so, then I just backed off a bit.

Its several hours later now, and my back is feeling pretty darn good.  My foot never went numb through the whole run which is always a good sign, so I am feeling cautiously optimistic.  My plan is to hit the gym in the morning and if it aggravates the back again, then I will have to just lay off of them until after my 21 miler next weekend.  I am hoping, SO hoping that its fine because I firmly believe that all the upper body/core work I have been doing is the sole reason I have been running so strong lately.  The uphills on the last 2 long runs would normally do a number on me (HATE hills) but I have been strong on them and able to power through and not be completely out of breath once I top off.

Lots of other running around today, including fighting the crazy people at the grocer, but I knew I had better go now as it will only get worse as it gets closer to Christmas and I needed to get the stuff to make one of my momma's best desserts she always made at Christmas!  There were several wine vendors giving samples, and I tried them all.  I even bought a bottle of Pinot Grigio to enjoy thinking it will definitely help my back.  :)

Enjoy your weekend and happy running!!!

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TX Runner Mom said...

So glad you back is feeling good! Ugh, don't even get me started on the shoppers...remind me next year to stockpile the groceries so I don't have to go close to Christmas!