Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dallas We Have a Problem

As of this morning the weather in Dallas doesn't look promising for Sunday morning.  Depending on where you look, the low and feels like may differ, with Accuweather coming in at a feels like of 18deg (actual temp of 32).

Add to that:  rain (freezing rain)  Or as the email said last night from DWR directors, "lingering showers".

Let me just put it this way:  If its that cold and there is rain, I'll be running 13.1 instead of 26.2.  No ifs, ands or buts about it.

When I ran Sugarland (half) back in January in the wind, cold and rain, I almost DNF'd and even sat down on the side of the road and took my DTag off and tossed it.  Didn't even run over the Finish line but rather ran around it.  My legs just wouldnt work and everything felt weird.  At the time I had no clue what was going on.

Granted I was not dressed properly but the weather hit unexpectedly and well, I guess I thought I could handle it. 

Obviously I couldn't and ended up with a mild case of hypothermia.

I suppose if its just cold I will go through with the full marathon, so looks to be a race day decision.  However, I am still perplexed on what the hell I am going to wear for those types of temps.  I have never run more than a few miles in tights.  And the tights I do have basically are way too baggy, so I would have to run in capri's I guess.

If I end up just doing the half marathon, I will have to reset for Houston, by running 20 next weekend and then 21 or so again on Christmas Eve as originally planned.

What a mess.


Vince A. said...

No wait, I am running Dallas just checked in on the weather could be OK. I am seeing 40's, if the rain has passed, could be surprise PR weather. Better than 70's any time. Don't despair!

TX Runner Mom said...

Ugh, that sucks! Two words - rain poncho. We had our 21-miler several years ago in 39 degrees and drizzle the entire way (and I had on shorts). If it weren't for the rain poncho, I would have was a cheapie $ store one and I am sure I looked pretty silly, but it was the best $1 I ever spent.

Junie B said...

Vince: I am hoping that the rain is out of there by Sunday morning. When Houston showed a delay in the storm here until Sunday afternoon, that sent more flags up that it would be in Dallas still into Sat night/Sun morning.

Christy: I have a couple of rain jackets that are easily disposable if I need to start out in one. I just REALLY want it to NOT be raining that morning! I have to go home tonight and try on my tights again; I might start out in the over capris if I have to and strip them off along the way somehow.

Lisa said...

I've started at least one or two marathons with temps around 15-18 degrees (in Huntsville, AL 2nd weekend in Dec). It really wasn't that bad but it wasn't raining either. Don't think there was much wind. Can you change your mind in the middle of that race like you can here for the Country Music full/half?

Junie B said...

Lisa: Yes. There is a turn off for the full at around mile 9. I can go straight and finish the 13.1 or turn and go into no mans land :) This is my plan. Even if its drizzly at the start if I get to mile 9 and I'm dry, I will continue on. The cold isnt my enemy. The rain is (when its freezing out!)

April C. said...

Hi! I am a runner from Houston and I currently live in Lubbock. I actually prefer running in the cold, and I don't think you should dis the race if the "feels like" temp is 18. Just be prepared: tights (Under Armor "Cold Gear"), long sleeved technical shirt made for the cold, running technical jacket, hat, ear covering, and gloves (all at academy for a few dollars each). Wear two pair of socks and drink plenty plenty of water in preparation. Seriously, 18 degrees is SO MUCH BETTER than 80 degrees with 80% humidity. Promise. But dress warm, otherwise you'll have a repeat of your last cold experience.

Sometimes it's hard for me to remember that there are other places on Earth than Houston, and most places have winters where people still go outside (like Lubbock--lots of snow).

Good Luck!!!

Junie B said...

Hi April! You must have missed the part where I wrote that cold is no problem. However rain (freezing or otherwise) with feels like below freezing IS not going to happen for me! :) I am hoping just for cold and NO RAIN!