Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Morning

Got the race all queued up and ready to go!  The finish line with minimal movement early on...

Race on the computer, Law and Order on it the background :)  Thats water in the G2 bottle; I recycle.  :)

Chillin' out...watching the marathon and little Nugget in the background thankful Momma quit yelling at the computer because Universal Sports online was being stupid.

Decided to  join in the fun!

You know watching the marathon in NYC...I just dont remember it being THAT hilly...but watching it, I am like wtf?  I did that?  :)  AND it was my first sub 5 marathon...maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe one more Fall marathon.... ???   :)


Xaarlin said...

I was glued to the tv yesterday :) I didnt even know we got universal. I cried entirely too much watching the race and the inspirational stories about the flight 93 group and others. My bf couldn't understand what was wrong with me. Chalk it up to him never running a marathon :)

Heather said...

I also watched the marathon yesterday on the computer - I cannot believe how exciting the women's race way.

Running is fun to watch! Much more exciting then baseball!

Junie B said...

Ah ladies, isnt it grand? and yes oh such more exciting than baseball! I was disappointed in the runaway finish of the mens, but whatevs. I knew Ketiany made a mistake doing what she did at the beginning but it seems these runners dont learn! :)

I miss having Universal on my tv but when I moved I had to switch cable providers. :( at least they showed NYCM for free though online!