Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ouch! Explained

So on Tuesday I decided I wanted to go out and ride so ride I did.
I knew on the way 'out' when I was doing close to 18mph with little effort that it was all the wind and that I would have to deal with the backside of that on the way back.  But I figured eh, whatever, NBD.

My intent after going as far west as the path would allow I would come back and then head off towards downtown after manuevering my way to the other bike path that takes one in that direction.

What happened was something entirely different.

I had made my way west as far as the bike path allows (the rest opens in January!!), and had headed back when after I stopped to take a drinky drink, I started back up again and just as I did a big gust of wind hit me from the side and I lost control of the bike a bit and because I was too close to the edge of the path I veered off into the grass and then I over-corrected putting my front tire in the crevice between the actual grass and the pathway.  My tire went one way, and I went flying the other with the bike ending up on top of me.  I had fallen to the left therefore all the cuts and road rash are completely on my left side.  Thankfully I did have my gloves on otherwise my palms would have been really messed up.

I just kinda laid there for a moment, lifting my head to see if anyone was coming as I was in the middle of the path, and then just laid my head back down for a moment before attempting to get up and survey the damage.  To myself and the bike.
 It didnt appear the bike had any damage so I was thankful for that, and after figuring out I was ok too, I prepared to get back on the bike and head home to lick my wounds.

Only something was wrong...I couldnt pedal.  It just was all loosey goosey.
The chain had come off.  Ugh.

So while trying to hold the bike up with one hand and steady it, with my other hand I tried to manuever the chain back on.  It wasnt going so well and I was about 6 miles from home.  So I started walking and someone did come along (I knew that they would it would be just a matter of 'when'), and they helped me put the chain back on and I was on my way. 

So with blood running down my leg and elbow, straight into a headwind and the rolling hills, I was cussing SO badly.  Everything kinda hurt and I just wanted to be home.

Finally I made it there, carried the bike upstairs and tended to my wounds.
Everything seemed ok yesterday, but it kinda sucked to run but I made sure I did because I knew that icky weather was coming today and if there was going to be an URD it would need to be today.

Sure enough, last night, I started feeling more and more sore and by the time I got up this does it hurt!  I honestly didnt think it was going to hurt this bad, but it indeed does.  And with the winds as fierce as they are today, I know I made the right choice.  Thank you weatherman for your forecast!  There is no way I think I could push this body through 35mph winds today.

I have 18 miles to accomplish on Saturday, so gonna have to baby this body until then!

And can I just say that when googling for stock photo of 'bike crash', you get some grooooooss results.  Ick.
I mean...look at this one below.  WTF?

Is that a whale that is cut open and his guts are all over the road?  I don't even know what to say about this!


Xaarlin said...

Yikes!! This is the kind of thing that keeps me from doing triathlons.

Hope you are pain free soon!!!!

Hillary said...

EW! Gag! That picture is pretty sick!
Sorry to hear about your crash :( it happens to all riders at some point I think. Feel better soon!

Tara @ said...

ew Junie ew.. that picture is just ew.

this bike path you speak of.. is it something I should be able to find easily? I'm starting to collect path areas for when I start to train for the MS 150 (not trying to stalk)

Pony and Petey said...

I remember that picture. A whale had gotten beached, died, and for some reason, they wanted to transport it somewhere. It was so big, it kept getting stuck trying to maneuver the roads.

The day was hot, the whale bloated, finally it burst open and the guts spewed everywhere. This is actually one pic in a series. I believe they had to close that area down for haz-mat to come in and clean it up because all the workers were puking and not coming to work!

I think it was Japan...

I'm sorry about your bike crash but I'm glad it wasn't any worse!!