Friday, November 18, 2011

Product Review - Gatorade G Series Carb Energy Chews

Last weekend on my 21 miler I mentioned that I had grabbed a gel from my stash that was just downright nasty and I couldn't even ingest it (ClifShot Double Espresso for the record), therefore I was down some calories for the long run.  

Thankfully when I got back to base for Kenyan Way, there were boxes of packages of Gatorade G Series Carb Energy Chews - Orange (yum! I love all things orange!)  Each package contains 4 chews.  I don't like chews normally because they aren't that easy to carry on a run (unless you use a SpiBelt or something), and I find it difficult to actually chew them while running and they always seem to stick in my teeth.

Since I was at base, I opened a package and ate one.  Yum!  They are a thinner consistency and were easy to chew.  I ate 2 of them before taking off again.  Then ate the last 2 when I was about 2 miles from home.  I thought they gave me just enough oomph, which was what I needed at the time!  The packaging for transport is unfortunate, but you could take them out and put in a snack sized baggie for easier handling while on the run! I'm actually going to do that for tomorrows run.

I really liked them a lot and was glad that I had stuffed 2 other packages into the tiny pockets on my shorts :)

One Package:  4 chews
Calories: 120
Carbs: 31
Sugars: 21

Yeah I don't like the high sugar, but it is what it is and lets face it when you are out there on a long run, you need the boost.  I certainly wouldnt take these, just like I dont eat gels on runs shorter than 10 miles, but thats just me.  If a person needs it, a person needs it, no matter the distance.  I am a firm believer though that a person can go 10 miles with minimum intake of calories if you eat something beforehand.  Even if its just a banana.  Or lets say, a PopTart.  :O)

When I went into Luke's on Sunday for a shift, I figured out where the boxes at KW had come from.  Luke's had oodles of them and had dropped some off for the Saturday runners.  I grabbed a ton of the packets and would like to offer 5 packages of them off as a giveaway!

So to have the 5 packets sent to the one and only YOU! the following applies:
  1. Be a follower (leave one comment as to that)
  2. Tweet it (separate comment) linking this post
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  4. Leave a comment as to your go to nutrition on long runs (separate comment)
That's 4 entries each person can have to have a chance at winning!  I will draw the lucky winner by random draw on Monday, November 28th.  I use to generate the number.

Good luck!


TX Runner Mom said...

I received some samples at the grocery store about a month ago, but have yet to try them...glad to hear they are yummy! I've been more of a Bee Stinger Chews girl, but you're right, they are a PITA to carry!

Lesley @ said...

Well Shucks, I follow!!!!!!

Lesley @ said...

I'm a chocolate GU girl!!! Although I tried the honey stinger chews and liked them a lot!

kderoll said...

I used to be a Mocha Chif Shot junkie, but I'm avoidng caffeine and up my fuel intake (basically consume way more than I could ever need). I've started taking Starburst, Skittles, sweet tarts, whatever I can find.

Anonymous said...

...Where can you buy Gatorade Card Energy Chews ??

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meggypoo10151 said...

Where can I buy them at?????

Barbara said...

I need something like these to help with the hunger in betweens.

Vicki said...

Prefer a healthier Energy Chew with less sugar, less calories, less carbs and less sodium - plus MORE nutrients.

Plus you take only one for every 2 Gatorade chews you would take.

Anonymous said...

They are really good tasting!!!

andrea chiu said...

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Keep it up and continue on what your doing. Visit my site too.

Nathalie Uy said...

Good vibes. Everyday, all day. God Bless :)