Saturday, November 5, 2011

Kenyan Way Long Run - 17.5 miles

Starting temp: 46deg
Ending temp: 48deg

I was so happy to see that it was indeed below 50deg when I got up this morning as when the weather folk say low of 44 that typically means at the airport and it would possibly be around 50 here in town due to all the concrete.  It helped I guess that the temps yesterday never made it out of the 60s.

I started out at straight up 5am and since my accomplice did not show up AGAIN, I was on my own.  Coach said 2 groups had already taken off, and that more would be following (I dont think they did since I never once got passed), I set out on my own.

I really love this route, but only having done it a couple of times and none this year, after I got out of RO and into Briargrove (I think thats what its called), I wasnt exactly sure where I was going.  I had to stop a few times to check my directions and a couple of times I thought I either missed a turn or something (but I hadnt).

This is also where it got REALLY dark.  With the sun not coming up until 7ish, I just had to make do and go slow when I wasnt sure of where I was going.  I think it was around mile 8, where I had to cross over San Felipe off this side street that I got the spook of my life.  There was a 4 way stop or something like that and I crossed over and there was a truck at the stop sign that was on SF.  He sat there for a minute and then made the right hand turn towards me.  I hopped up on the sidewalk and yes I was on the opposite side of the street.  He slowed and then stopped.  I looked back and he was getting out of his truck.  It appeared he was coming towards me and I screamed No! and took off like a bolt of lightning.  Then I did that thing I always scream at the tv when a girl is being chased and I looked back instead of just continuing to run and watch where I was going.  I didnt see him anywhere and the lights from his truck were so bright that I wasnt sure where he was but I knew the truck hadnt moved.  I got to a place where there was a left hand turn and I rounded the corner and just kept running.  I looked back a time or two and there was no one coming and I saw a woman ahead of me just walking in the street.  I have no clue what she was doing out so early in the dark but she wasnt walking a dog or anything.  I was just happy to see someone.  I slowed down to a walk and waited.  No truck.  I was completely prepared to jump someones fence and bang on their door, but I felt like everything was fine.

I turned around and started heading back towards the route.  I dont know if he had just stopped for whatever reason or what, but it scared me.  And something just didnt feel right.  And who stops for no reason and gets out of their truck on some odd street in the pitch dark? 

Anyway I got back on the route and kept going ... and going ... and going.  I know I started an hour before everyone else, but I completely expected at least a couple of the fast groups to pass me but none ever did.  It wasnt until I was back on Woodway that I saw any KW'ers (those that were going shorter than the 17.5/18.5 route).  I did run into some Houston Fit'ers back in there going the opposite way and once I started seeing other runners I felt much, much better!

I started running out of steam in the last 4 miles and made a pit stop at the portacan's at the rugby field at MP, then I finished up.  Finally!

I never took any Gatorade again!  Yay! and took 3 gels and drank only water at all the stops.  It certainly helps to only have to take 1-2 cups of water and no Gatorade with the cooler temps.  Additionally when I got up and was getting dressed, I initially put on a long sleeve Lulu but then thought better of it and changed into a Lulu tank and arm warmers.  I remembered last week that I was a bit warm in the same temps and it was 15 miles and so I am SO glad that I changed.  For longer distances I dont need a long sleeve when temps are in the 40s.  My arm warmers have those little finger holes so that 1/2 your hand is covered and that kept my hands perfectly comfortable.  I was out there for 3.5 hours and plenty of time to warm up!

Next week is the last long run before I begin taper #2 for Dallas White Rock!  I plan to run for 4 hours and call it a day.  I just pray for cold weather again!

How was everyones long run today?  Or if in taper how did your shortened run go???

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Jamoosh said...

My run sucked - thankfully it was a drop-down week. Hopefully it does not carry over into next weeks 22+ miler!

I ran in Pearland and it was 43 at the start and a light breeze. I had to turn around after a quarter mile and drop my gloves off at home because I didn't need them.