Friday, November 11, 2011

Kyle - The Chosen One

Yesterday I had my first 'meeting' with Kyle, the trainer, based on what I wanted to accomplish and what direction I wanted to go in (more on that later), was the one chosen for me.

Remember when I said that all the trainers there scared me?  Well apparently they aren't all massive dudes of muscle and over 6 feet tall! 

I got to the gym before my 4:30 appointment, changed out of my work clothes and since Kyle wasn't there yet I got on a treadmill and was easy jogging for maybe 5 minutes.  I was looking out the window and across the street I saw this big dude getting out of his car, obviously a trainer and I thought to myself "oh hell". 

But then a moment or so later I see out of the corner of my eye another guy coming towards me; I took out an earbud to hear him say "June?" to which I responded with "Kyle?"

While Kyle is definitely in shape, he is not in the category of huge, massive or scary.  Kyles expertise lies in nutrition/diet and not necessarily in training to be the next incredible Hulk.  :O)

But I will say that Kyle is in the category of super cute.  Dang a dang dang, I could look at him for h'oooours.

So really I don't want to get too involved with what direction I am migrating to, or what I 'want', for fear of boring you to death, plus I will get into pieces of it as I move along this process.

When Kyle asked some general questions first off, it was clear to him that he was chosen because he best fit my 'needs'.  Also I think its pretty obvious that I know what to do as far as working out, eating etc., but I have yet to really find the best mix for me, and well with only myself to hold accountable, I tend to go off and on (also obvious if you've been reading me for any length of time, or personally know me).

I explained to him past eating habits (downfalls), my successes, what always works but for some reason I forget and slip and then fall off the cliff altogether, my routines of fitness for the past 10 years, again what worked and where I failed.  And then I told him what I have been doing the past 2 weeks (primal 80/20).

Incidentially on that note, I have noticed a difference the last two weeks, but sometimes I am impatient and have to remember the length of time in 2010 that it took me to what I loved about my body and my health then...and also unfortunately what things made me slipslide back to old ways. 

Tomorrow I will probably go ahead and take some 'before' photos even though the REAL work with Kyle won't begin until after Dallas and Houston, but we will be easing into it until then (our first real session is Tuesday).  He knows that I have the 2 marathons coming up and what my limitations are there surrounding working out and my diet.  Although he did say that with my workouts consisting of only running right now, that carbs indeed are not necessarily the end all to be all.  That there is no reason why I cannot continue how I am eating and still run long without carb loading like everyone would have you believe.  Remember my last 2 long runs have been in my current primal state with no repercussions, so I know this to be true (at least for me).

Once we start strength training though he said, if I am too low on carbs (and that carbs from vegetables dont count; more on this later), then I will see a drastic drop in performance when strength training.

According to Kyle, he would like to see my percentages at 126/110/35.  Protein/Carbs/Fat.   126g's of protein is a lot, but I can do it!  Especially with primal.  I will tell you right now, I am no where near 110g's of carbs a day.  Especially since he says I cant count vegetable carbs towards that 110.  Based on that all I get is carbs from the fruit I eat, which isnt that much!  An apple/banana a day, and every now and then fruit/protein smoothie.  I am afraid in January he is going to convince me to re-introduce brown rice to my diet.  :O(

I want to take the opportunity here to let you all in on something;  Corn, beans and potatoes ARE not vegetables.

Corn is a grain.
Beans are legumes.
Potatoes are I dont know what, but they aren't vegetables.  Especially when in the form of french fries or tater tots.  However, my indulgence for french fries from time to time will still happen.  Moderation here people.  I wont go without french fries or cake... not.  gonna.  happen.  :O)

And all 3 of these are not good for your insides or your outsides!!

Thats right, on Primal, I am not eating any of those things (see the french fry rule though).  I did eat a few green beans that were in my salad the other night, but I am mostly speaking of pinto, black, navy, so on and so forth.

And corn?  Corn (grain) is what they feed to animals to make them fatter faster to get them to slaughter!   Anyway, I just wanted to get all of that out.  I will never in my life eat corn or beans again.  Potatoes, eh, in moderation if an occasion and will pick sweet potatoes over white.

Kyle and I spent most of our time talking about food choices etc., then I asked him to show me around the grounds and he introduced me to the stairmill which I have never used, but hear horror stories, but also see what obviously great results people get from using them.

We will not be introducing the stairmill until after Houston.  My legs could not take that thing and run.

I won't go into what my goals are, but obviously my middle section is my 'situation' and I asked him point blank if my age and hypothyroidism would prevent me from my goals?  He said absolutely not.  That honestly (and I already knew this) that for me to get where I want to be, it comes down to what I put in my mouth.  I know this to be true because last year when I succeeded thats what it all came down to.

However, on top of that, I have a few other goals and again, he assured me that its entirely possible with the right attitude and the right work ethic.

I think Kyle and I are going to do big things together.  I am so excited for Tuesday!

Are you already working on 2012 goals in the fitness category?  I have a feeling its gonna be awesome.
  • obviously I am!  Oh and I signed up for Seattle today!!! :O)  I would have signed up for Vegas as well, but they werent included in the 11-11-11 special of RnR $20 thingamabob.  They dont even have Vegas 2012 on the list yet.


Nicole said...

This? "Once we start strength training though he said, if I am too low on carbs (and that carbs from vegetables dont count; more on this later), then I will see a drastic drop in performance when strength training."
I'm willing to bet CrossFitters don't see a drastic drop in performance on Paleo.
Also, why brown rice? How about quinoa? Or MAYBE barley? Quinoa is pretty controversial on paleo, but in moderation and not every day, I wouldn't think it would throw the paleo benefits off much. Oh, and potatoes are tubers.
I kinda want to meet this Kyle. Get a sneaky picture next time!

Junie B said...

:) Nicole keep in mind that he means lower as in like below 50. 110g's of carbs is NOTHING in hindsight to when on average a person eats 3-? times that amount on any given day.

As far as the brown rice thing, that was just an example I threw out there. He didnt say brown rice, nor did he say he would try and alter my WOE (primal) to begin with. I am just speculating. And you are right about Cross Fitters. He did say if I preferred getting my carbs from fruit then that was fine too.

And as you know EVERY trainer/nutritionist has their own spin on this, that or the other.

yes tubers! I couldnt remember what potatoes were called (other than people calling them vegetables)!

TX Runner Mom said...

I definitely do not get anywhere near that amount of carbs either...well, except for maybe last week in NYC. :-) Interesting stuff!