Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where's the Foreplay?

I wanted to google a foreplay image, but figured that might not go over so well if anyone is tracking my searches here at work.

So instead I searched for four play...

But back to foreplay...

As I mentioned in the post from Sunday something just doesn't feel 'right' about this next marathon.

I actually have to remind myself that I am running another 26.2 miles in just a few days.  Again it has to be because there was not the usual 'build up' (and this is were foreplay comes into it).

If races were lovers, then Chicago got all the usual foreplay, but Dallas isn't getting any.  Maybe that means that the actual 'act' will be splendiferous in Dallas since I was left wanting more in Chicago?

Or will Houston end up being the lover of all lovers?  Or can I expect more of the 'where's the foreplay' only to just end up in the sack again with yet another lame lover of a marathon in January?  Feeling unsatisfied?

Will I finally reach the 'summit' at either Dallas or Houston?  I do not know. 

As of right now I am just not feeling it for Dallas and maybe that has everything to do with the fact that I can't really digest the fact that I am actually doing it.  It just doesn't feel like it.  One is supposed to be all antsy right?  Excited?  Butterflies? Starry eyed?


I haven't had the tantrums.  I haven't had the unending hunger.  I haven't had any crazy marathon dreams.  I haven't been stalking the weather (which is NOT good by the way: rain/drizzle, low of 30 high of 49; hoping this changes; the rain part not the temperature part).  I haven't packed my bag.  I haven't even thought about what I am bringing to possibly wear.

There just isn't any foreplay dammit!!!

This is how this week should look!  You know if he were DWR Marathon....
Looking at him, I bet I'd PR...yeah for sure I would...
Just sayin'...  :O)

Has a marathon (week) ever left you wondering "where's the good stuff"?


TX Runner Mom said...

LOL, love this post. Yes! I felt this way back when I ran Houston and then ran Austin a month later. But, I did take off a little time off my Houston race time.

Lesley @ racingitoff.com said...

This post is so funny and exactly how I felt about MCM. I was so focused on White Rock as my goal that MCM just showed up and, oh, it was time for a 26.2 training run. I wasn't nervous, I didn't stalk the course. I hadn't given it much thought at all really. I was a little shocked that I was capable of being so casual about a marathon.