Monday, November 14, 2011

So Let It Be Written - Operation 'My Body is a Wonderland' 2012 Has Commenced

This morning, before even getting in the shower, I slid into my tiniest pair of yoga shorts and a sports bra.
And not to do yoga.

But to take the 'before' pictures.

Um.  No I am not posting them here.

Yet.  I will eventually.  Probably after a month and I take a new set.  I will be taking pictures along the way to track the progress visually.  At least in a 2D format.

However, while I was less than thrilled at what the images looked like, its not THAT horrible.

Well it kinda is, but thats my perception I suppose.  And going off pictures from a year ago, or heck even back in May I was rockin' it while at Bay to Breakers...yeah, not my finest moment this morning. 

The bed head alone was enough to make a person shriek!

It is very obvious that the mid section is the place where all things go to hide. 

Guess there really is something to this 'age' thing.  Just makes it so much more obvious that it becomes a bit more work involved as you age.

When I met with Kyle last week, based on my age, height and weight (which I estimated), he came up with a generalized number of 1,250 BMR.  As we discussed this is for a normal woman by age etc., not taking into consideration my hypothyroidism which could minimally or drastically make that number less than 1,250.

Without have metabolic testing done, I cannot be sure, but the meds seem to be doing the trick in all other areas so we assume that at the worst, it might be 1,100.

So, after all the picture taking, I was about to hop in the shower and there before me was my digital scale.  The scale I hadn't been on in forever.  The last time I was on there though, I was 117.  That number was a long time ago.   The last time I saw that number was October 2010.  May 2011 was 120.

Marathon training and the fact that I was ingesting massive amounts of carbs without even thinking twice about it (and when I knew better), slowly made its presence known.  And WAY more than the 110g's Kyle has aggregated for me.

While 117 is my happy place, I am generally ok with 119, or even 120, but below 120 is always better.

I knew that the last 2 weeks I had made some progress, but I wouldnt know how much because this was the first time I had gotten on the scale.  And when I told Kyle '124'ish last week, I thought that was probably being optimistic at the time.

Well besides the before photos, I wanted a number to go along with them.

So I stripped down and hopped on.

I was actually nervous to look down and just prayed for a split second 'please be under 125' 'please be under 125'...

And there before me, a number below 125.


As I said it could have been a lot worse, and I shudder to think what it was 2 weeks ago!

I know I will see a bit of an increase for the first week or two of slowly adding back in strength training, but I am hoping all the running counteracts that when it comes to the number on the scale.  I am not sure how that works, but again...I'm hoping it does!

Short term goal A:
December 2 - 122lbs
Have a least one decent DWR photo that I am not embarrassed to post on my blog without paying for it :O)

So there ya's Go! time...


Lisa said...

How tall are you?
I'm only 5 ft 2 inches tall & it appears I'm out weighing you by roughly 3 lbs. I'm hating the midsection also these days.
What's so bad is that I don't really eat that bad. I don't drink sodas unless I run long (more than 14-15 miles) It's then I crave them. I wanted a cold diet coke so bad around mile 23 of NYC. ha!

JunieB said...

I am 5'1 1/2. :O)

Tara @ said...

Girl you crack me up. But I'm sorta the same way. I like my number below 125 but definately below 130. Lately it's getting way to close to that 130. Now that marathon 1 is out of the way, it's time to rip some of this fat off!!

Jamoosh said...

Brilliant move with the "bed head" pictures. Have you ever noticed that people's hair is ALWAYS better in the after pictures?