Sunday, November 27, 2011

(Last) Long Run - BCRR - 10 Miles

Saturday morning I still woke up at 4:30am but it was the rain that woke me up, not an alarm.  I knew in addition to the warm/humid temps forecasted there was also rain.  I laid there for a bit and it seemed to let up and I drifted back off to sleep until 7:20 thank you very much!  It wasn't raining but it was GEEE-ROSS out and I was so happy that I had made plans to run today instead of the usual KW run.  

I was out doing some of my Christmas shopping late morning and was met with thunderstorms and driving rain which lasted most of the day but we sure needed it and it was awesome even if I did get drenched a time or two.  No umbrella was going to protect me from the winds that were accompanying the rain.

And as the afternoon went on the wind kept going even if the rain did not.  And the temps were dropping. When I watched the news last night I knew this morning was going to be no bueno in that regard.

When I got up at 5 this morning the winds were howling and according to my phone gusting at 23mph (sustained at 15) and the wind chill was 40, with the real temp at 46.  Now normally 46 deg is awesome and I dont have problems figuring out what to wear.  However add sustained and gusty winds and its a whole other ballgame.

I knew the route we were doing and I also knew that I wouldnt have to deal with head winds the whole way, but yes, parts of it.  And again I was right..the last 2 miles were directly into a headwind.

So here is something you don't see very often.
Me in a long sleeve AND capri's. 
The crazy morning hair is constant though; held back with a gold glittery Sweaty Band.  :)

I thought about just going with shorts, but the winds along with cold always do a number on my thighs and I wanted to avoid that if possible.  I was worried though...worried I was going to be too warm.

And I was for a small part of the run.  When I hit the first water stop 4 miles in, I was too warm, and the next 4 miles were through River Oaks so I knew I was going to be ok back there since there isn't ever ANY wind back in there.  I hate those miles in the Summer because its just so stifling where the air never moves.

But this is also where I finally fell into a solid 10:10 pace and held it.  Before that I was holding in at 10:25-10:30.  It was after I got out of RO that I met Mother Nature's winds head on and it was a struggle to stay on my feet at times.  I was hoping once I hit the park again and changed direction that I would have some reprieve, but no such luck.  However the last 2 miles I went sub 10, with mile 10 showing at one time to be 9:45 and I purposely slowed down a bit and closed it at 9:50.

I am so glad I went with the capri's and long sleeve because during those last 2 miles I was freezing.  I was wet with sweat and the winds just made me cold as hell.

I thought a lot about Dallas on this run, and honestly I don't feel all that great about it, but I am just hoping to survive it without embarrassment.  :O)  I think a lot of my doubt comes from the fact that I haven't done 'normal' marathon training, but that is kinda hard to do when you did it once already for Chicago and then recovered, ran long and then taper again in short 8 weeks.  There is just something weird about it all and makes me a bit apprehensive.

So 4 more short runs before I fly to Dallas on Friday.  And a good ass-kicking by Kyle in there for good measure.  :)


Xaarlin said...

Great last long run. And I love your new do ;)

TX Runner Mom said...

Love the hair (and that cute top)! Great job on the run...I'll keep my fingers crossed that the weather in Big D is good and you have a great run!

JunieB said...

you two are hilarious. That 'wake up' hair is a hot mess every morning. :O)