Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Here June, Let Me Hand You Your Ass

I was supposed to have my first session with Kyle yesterday, but he called me at work and asked if we could reschedule for today instead.  I was beat down and tired, so it actually was a relief and I took it as a sign to take it easy.  Which is exactly what I did.

So today after work, I hit the gym and since our session wasnt starting until 5:30 I hit the treadmill for an hour run.   They were having an open house of sorts, so when I was done I went outside to find him and he was sitting on the platform of the dunk tank (yes they were letting customers get back at their trainers by trying to dunk them in the tank).  There was another trainer trying to drop Kyle and was missing, so all of a sudden the dude ran forward and pushed the level and down Kyle went.

Now I would be remiss if I didnt mention that when I walked outside and saw Kyle sitting there in a wifebeater that my knees didnt go weak.  I had only seen him in a full tshirt and while I could definitely still tell he was in great shape, now it was confirmed in spades.  He walked over and I told him I would just wait inside while he changed :)

This is where things got real interesting and it was the beginning of something I was not expecting.   We began with just some warm up stuff and when he picked up the small 3 lb weights inside my head, I laughed.  Yes it had been almost 3 months since I had done strength training but I'm in good shape.  :/

While it wasn't hard, it wasnt easy either.  By the time he had me stop with these first 2 warmups, my rotater cuffs were screaming.  Then we hit the chin up bar.

What?  Um, yeah I can't do those.  I've never even tried that.

Get up there.


At first, he put the resistance on 20.  Um, thats easy enough to do I said.  Nice and slow, give me 20.  Then I got down and he put it on 14.  Um.  OK, thats not so easy dude.  But thankfully he only had me go to 10 and I have to tell you #9 and #10 were HARD.

He then put it back at 20 and had me do it a different way, then back to 14.  Then he had me do a different move where it works more of the triceps.  OMG.  I was dying.  Then we hit up a tricep machine and at the end of those sets my arms were shaking.

We moved on to some chest exercises, then more triceps with a move that also incorporated biceps, shoulders and back.  A few of the times he had me do something called 'negatives' where you set the weight on an amount you can't possibly do an entire rep of, so the trainer helps you on the out, and then lets go and you have to bring it back.  Holy shit.

He manuevered me through some machines and some free weights (about 50/50 I would guess).

And on and on we went before he took me upstairs for abs.

OMG how I haaaaaaaaaaaaate abs.  After abs, we hit the kettlebells which I have never done and basically by the time it was all said and done I thought I was going to just drop to the damn ground in a puddle of sweat.

While it was harder than hell, I secretly was loving every second of it.  On the way back downstairs he asked if I wanted another session this week?  Um, no.  Lets just go for next week.  :)

So my next session is next Wednesday which thinking about it now, might be detrimental if I decide to race the Turkey Trot on Thursday.  :)

I know that on Friday the DOMS will have set in, but I'm pretty certain that by Saturdays run I should be golden.  Yes it was all upper body, but you know...a person uses their upper body quite a bit when running :)  I am just thankful its a short 14 miles this week :O)

So suffice it to say, 'it's on like Donkey Kong.  :O)

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TX Runner Mom said...

Sounds like an AWESOME workout. Yes, we're sadistic aren't we?