Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kenyan Way Long Run - 21 Miles

Starting temp: 57
Ending temp: 70

I know its hard to complain when the last time I did 21 miles, it was hotter than crap, but well it was just WARM this morning.  The humidity was what was the culprit.  Thankfully though this time around instead of starting the run at 4am, I started at 5am.  Much better.

I decided yesterday that I would indeed just start from home, run to base, then do the route, and then of course run back home.  Even though I was spooked big time last weekend out there by myself in the early hours, I felt relatively comfortable running the 4 miles between home and the KW base.  I made sure that a lot of people knew when I was leaving, and that if I wasnt at base by a certain time...I only encountered 2 bums, 1 of which scared the bejeezus out of me because I didnt see him till almost the last minute and I quickly crossed the road to the other side.  Then while running down WashAve, I encountered 3 drunk boys, one of which did try and grab my arm, but I have a mean quickstep and I avoided him.  He was so drunk that I could have taken him no problem.  :)  After thinking about it though, all 3 of them could have jumped me and I wouldnt have stood a chance.  When I saw them coming towards me it was too late for me to cross the street, but I should have gotten off the sidewalk, but whatever.

This long run was also about 30 minutes shorter than the last 21miler.  Or was it just a 20 miler back then?  Oh well, anyway, it was right at 4 hours which didnt include the 15min I waited at base, or the 15 min once I got back to base before heading back home.  I gotta say, its a good thing I did what I did, because forcing myself to have to do those 4 miles home was the right decision.  I think the last time I did a long run it was 4:30ish.

I really like this route we had, but with it being only 13 miles, it forced my hand to make adjustments.  I am glad to know that for the next 3 weeks I dont have to worry about that since I am again in taper!!!  Yay!!! 

This route also forced me to take the TCJ bridge 3 times instead of just the one, and there was another 'hill' in the form of an overpass, and then once I was back on Memorial, instead of taking the flat route back down Blossom (so over Blossom already), I ran up Memorial which forced me to do the climb past Starbucks and then the climb again at St. Thomas.  So at least I got some 'hill' work in today.

I took a gel when I hit mile 7 then again at mile 13.  Then I took some chews at base before heading back home.  I am SO glad that they had these chews (a review on them later; they're new), because I had tried to take the other gel I had brought and it was DISGUSTING.  I am trying to use up some freebies and this ClifShot double espresso was beyond gross.  I spit it out.  Because I was short on fuel, I ended up taking in 4oz of Gatorade along the route on 2 separate occasions.  Other than that I stuck to water.  Even though I dont like that I had to drink Gatorade, at least it wasnt what would probably have amounted to 32oz like I probably was taking in before (if not more especially during the Summer).  So much sugar and calories!  I am happy to be out of that.

I had also carried my little handheld from home, so I could leave it at base and fill it up when it was time to run home since I knew the sun would be out and it would be hot.  Another smart idea!

I have to say that I was so happy when I hit mile 20 and knew I was a mere mile from home.  I was run/walking from base (7/1).  I immediately filled up the tub with cold water, threw in the ice and got in.  I also have to say that I am honestly shocked that I made it to another taper after only 5 weeks since Chicago.  I had my doubts.  I did not want to run 21 miles today.  I did not.  I so thought about doing a cut back and doing long next weekend and only having a 2 week taper, but I convinced myself that the sooner I did it, the sooner it would be over with.  Again, smart idea.  Good thing too because the 7 day forecast calls for even warmer morning temps next Saturday.  Ugh.

Now its over and I can relax for the next 3 weeks.  I will taper down with 14 next weekend, then 10 the week before Dallas.

Now its time to chill out and hopefully get a much needed good nights sleep.  Its been a really long day!

And can I just say again, I have NO idea how so many of these women run in long pants, long sleeves, gloves and what-not.  Good grief I would melt into a puddle!  You cannot convince me that they arent burning up 3 miles into the run.


Becka said...

Great job on your long run! Scary to run into drunks when you are by yourself though :(

Junie B said...

Yes, and thankfully I am one of those very aware runners (and in general), however I do wish I would have jumped into the street which was deserted instead of just running towards them. I honestly thought they were just 3 guys walking to the bus stop. From a distance I didnt get the impression they were drunk. They didnt fit the 'type' you generally see on WashAve :/

TX Runner Mom said...

Great job on the 21-miler! Enjoy the taper!

Tara @ said...

Woohoo for taper #2!

You mentioned people in long tights and stuff out there. This weekend in SA there were people in long tights and long sleeves and I don't know how they were surviving. I was burning up in my shorts and top, I woulda had to stop if I had more clothing on. Crazy people.