Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mother Nature Made Me Do It!

Faced with yet another day of 80 deg temps and today it was 90% humidity (due to storms from an oncoming cold front), AND 17mph winds...I finally, after 2 months of carrying around a copy of my lease in my purse, stopped at the gym that with my lease, gave me a free membership.  I just couldn't face yet another gross, hot, sweaty, miserable run in this mess that comes around every 4 days or so till we get another cold front.

Back in early September I had put in to cancel the debit from my paycheck ($29 a month) for the gym there where I work knowing that I was going to get this free membership.  While it was convenient and NEVER crowded it was lackluster and plus it wasnt open on weekends!!  Fail!  Not to mention the 2 people that worked there never seemed interested in assisting anyone should they want advice.  They just weren't approachable and when I did see them training someone, I was not impressed.

The gym where I am now a member is simply awesome.  First off it is not a chain, and is what most might consider to be a 'serious' gym for 'serious' people who are concerned with one thing.  Fitness.  They do have bells and whistles, like individual HD tvs on the treadmills and ellipticals!

Fuzzy still even though I slowed down to snap a photo with my phone
The trainers on staff are massive dudes and they kinda scare me, but I have my first session with one on Thursday who specializes in nutrition since thats something I am more interested in.  I already know the machines and weights, but I would like help in keeping me on track to lose the fat and gain more muscle, and to put me on a workout regimen that I like and feel like I will benefit from the most.

Additionally they have awesome classes, like all forms of yoga, Zumba, Kick boxing etc., and I am really excited to try some new forms of working out!  I think the thing I am most excited about is that their hours are awesome, and that they are open on weekends!!!

Once I got my card, I scooted home, changed clothes and headed back.  Thankfully I got there in time to snag a treadmill and got to it.  I ran easy on a .5 incline.  My legs have just really taken a pounding with all the pavement running the past 2 months not to mention a marathon in there as well, so it felt good.  Real good.
I ran for an hour and threw in a tabata session at the end at an 8:15 pace for good measure.

The other thing that made me go ahead and do this is that I havent been wanting to run in the mornings and with the time change and it getting dark at 5:30 I wanted to have an option of hitting the gym/treadmill straight from work.

All in all I think I am really going to enjoy this gym and will post more pictures of the inside when I take my camera next time!  :)  It truly is an awesome gym!  Looking forward to workin' on my fi'ness!

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Lisa said...

My old gym had tvs on the treadmills like that. Kinda miss it right now.