Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Weight Lifted

...but not in the literal sense of that phrase, but more like a weight lifted from my shoulders, from my head and definitely from my heart.  There had been something bothering me for months which I had alluded to here on the blog (but oh so sparingly as I like to leave a lot of really personal things off of here) for one reason or another.

I think it is really important that when one makes a new start in their life, in whatever direction ... that if necessary, all doors, windows and openings are securely closed.  Because of this blog, and in one particular situation, I never felt like that was the case as I felt like someone no longer in my life still had 'access' and it bothered me so much on some occasions that I would vent about it to one of my friends who always gave me the same advice:  ask them to STOP reading.

I took a step finally in that direction and while I hated to do it (which I felt weird doing prior because it is the internet and it is public), it came out pretty easily...and within 1 second of the words being 'said' I felt so much better!  I still wonder though...will I see those peeks through the few IP's that I know belong to them or someone else close to them...if so, so be it...but it keeps me from posting some things and some pictures some of the time and I would like to think that they will honor my wish...and if not...oh well... anyway, like I said ... a weight lifted!

Speaking of weight lifting, after Sundays session I was in some pain yesterday...so much so that I teeter tottered back and forth on taking the day off.  I already knew I was going to run my miles at the gym due to weather (HOT! OUT OF CONTROL HUMIDITY!) so I talked myself into just going and seeing how it felt.  My whole upper body hurt so much that I wasn't sure I could move my arms enough to run!  But within no time at all on the treadmill I was trucking along like nothing!

I am still a little sore this morning, mainly in my shoulders and triceps, but much, much better than yesterday!

I am really enjoying my new gym!  So glad I snagged that free membership!  I really like the people there, and that the main focus is on working out, and not anything more.  Yes people talk to you, but I dont mind it like I normally do because ... well its just different than any other gym I've ever been to, which is awesome.

I started the prep work for the dish I make every year for Thanksgiving (my heart is SO SO SO heavy this year; I miss you Momma!!!), and I am looking forward to seeing at least part of my family on Thursday.  None of us are that up for holidays this year, but I am glad that we aren't totally scrapping the holiday altogether.

As far as a Turkey Trot for me on Thursday I have decided that if I wake up and there is time to dress, drive and register then that's what I will do.  If I don't then I will dress and walk out my front door and just run in the quietness that seems to accompany Thanksgiving morning in the city...


Adrienne said...

Wow, that pic is scary! Positive thoughts to you this Thanksgiving.

Keep it light :)

TX Runner Mom said...

Yay for getting that weight off your shoulders. And, yippee yay for the new gym! Enjoy your Thanksgiving knowing your Momma is looking down on you and smiling proudly.

Melissa said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy your family, food, and time off from work :-)