Friday, November 25, 2011

Weekend Motivation!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family and friends!
It was a laid back quiet one in our little family, which is great.
There was no over-eating on my part: no dessert, and only a bite of bread dressing.  I pretty much only ate meat and green beans.  I did eat some chips and dip while helping prepare dinner, so that was the worst of my eating sins.

Wednesday I met with my trainer for a workout and good grief, I hate him and love him all at the same time.  I opted out of running any miles since I knew I was either going to run a Turkey Trot or just run my own personal TT.

I woke up in plenty of time to head down to any of the Trots in the nearby area, but I really didn't want to a) fight the crowds for parking and race day registration and b) pay $35 to run.

Therefore, slightly before 8am, I was dressed and ready to hit the quiet streets.  It was around 54deg out, cloudy and a bit more humid than I had anticipated.  I ended up running 5 miles and calling it a day. 

I love running the streets on holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years  Day.  It is so quiet, no noise, and you only see a car or two, the lone runner(s), and maybe a mom/dad or two pushing a tike in stroller, or pulling them in a wagon still in their pajamas (so cute). 

I ran part of the Nicholsen trail and again running past the homes, I could smell the smells of Thanksgiving behind their doors wafting through the windows and it just made me smile.

Since its yet another taper weekend of running, I only have 10 miles to do. 

The weather for Saturday?  warm, humid with storms on the way.  Sunday?  Cold and WINDY.  I am opting to run Sunday with another group instead of the usual Saturday run.  Their route is a solid 10 miles every Sunday and they start 30min later than a KW start.  While I do not like running in gusty winds, the thought of 10 miles in the opposite of that AGAIN makes me want to hurl.  Its gonna be a cold one on Sunday!!!!

This means no rest day for me today!  I'm going to hit the gym up for an hour on the treadmill along with some weights/abs.

Are you altering your run(s) this weekend due to the holiday?  Due to weather?


Melissa said...

Happy thanksgiving!

I did my long on Friday, so I could run with mom on Saturday. Saturday didn't happen, so I joined her Sunday for the last 2, before I took off for the gym.

I too love those holiday runs. We went to the gym on thanksgiving day before we started cooking. I ran that night, which was nice

Junie B said...

Had my gym been open on Thanksgiving I probably would have gone as well after I got home from the fam's!