Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekend Motivation!!!

I will be returning to Kenyan Way tomorrow morning for a short 6 miles.  Sure I could do it on my own at a decent hour since its supposed to be cool this weekend, but I like the familiarity of KW, not having to worry about fluids etc., plus regardless if I run with anyone there, I do have lots of friends there and it will be nice to see their faces!

I actually went out and 'ran' last night even though I had come home early from work due to allergy crap that just was beating me up, but it was a mistake.  I had taken Nyquil to put me to sleep and while that was all well and good, it has a decongestant in it, and well I am not supposed to run with decongestant since I take thyroid meds.
My HR was going through the roof in no time, therefore the 4 mile recovery run became a recovery run/walk.

Hope you all have safe travels, runs, or whatever it is you do this weekend!  Enjoy the weekend!  But remember...a body in motion, stays in motion!!!

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TX Runner Mom said...

The allergies are killing my Hubby as well. Hope you're feeling better!