Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't Cross(fit) Me!

This morning when I got to work, as usual my email box had quite a few of my LivingSocial, Groupon etc. types of emails, but finally one that I had been keeping an eye out for!!!

Universal CrossFit!!!

Cely over at Running Off The Reeses just bought and started the same thing down in her neck of the woods and here is her post on it on how it is so far.

I bought my 8 classes and so excited to try it!  Although it will have to wait until after Dallas White Rock and the Houston Marathon, because I know how tough this would be and Cely pretty much solidified that in her post.  A few other people that I know are also going to do it after Houston since I posed the question on my Facebook so excited about that too!!!

Damn!  Planks are freaking hard enough but with a freaking 25-50 lb weight on your back?  Thats CRAY CRAY!  Maybe with a 5-10 lb weight to start?  :O)

Have you ever done CrossFit?  If so, do you or did you love, like or hate it?

Also Groupon had the Turkey Trot for either $15/$18 (untimed/timed) on their email this morning.  Applies to 5K or 10K.  Not buying this one because a) I loathe the crowds and b) I usually decide the week of if the weather is going to be perfect.  Otherwise I run at home so I can still see the Macys parade and not miss the Rockettes!  :O)

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