Thursday, October 20, 2011

You Might as Well ... Jump! (Van Halen for you youngsters!)

This was me this morning when I woke up and saw that the outside temp was 49deg!!!

Silly photographer snapped the picture the first jump!  Oh well my face is all janky but whatev!

Suited up and headed out by 5:10am?  Yep.

I ran a different route today (important for safety too! Never run the same route over and over!), and I really enjoyed it.  What was the best part about it (besides it being 49deg!) was that for whatever reason I never noticed that there was another bike path (one that I knew about just not that there was an entrance that close to me) for either running or biking.  The one right by my house is awesome for sure, and I love that it goes on forever (to the West) but this one is close too and will take me in the opposite direction and into Downtown.

I guess I just never noticed the darn thing before for whatever reason, but this morning I did, more than likely because I just happened to stop to squat down for a second and realized I was basically squatting in the middle of it!  After an inquiry I realized that this was in fact the same path that KW sometimes runs on but obviously not this section.  Very cool!

One of the best things about running first thing in the morning?  Not having to run after work!  Was going to go explore the new bike trail, but you know...I think I will just save that for another day!

5 miles for the day and tomorrow is a scheduled rest day (necessary!) and then 11 miles on Saturday!

One week closer to Dallas White Rock!

LtoR:  Marathon Relay, Half Marathon and Full Marathon (individual)  LOVE!


run4may said...

i always heard not to run the same route every time but never actually practiced this logic. i am sure try a new route next time. it's a comfort thing but i will likely enjoy it just like you did. good luck on the half.

Junie B said...

not running the half! running another full!

and yes, its good to do that because if the same person sees you day after day after day, or even every other day, they can figure out your pattern. I have 4-5 routes I run from my house; some in the morning, some after work. just never know with me! makes me feel safer!

Jamoosh said...

Missed the 49 degree temps. Stupid job.