Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today's News

Blogger has been down most of the morning, which really pisses me off sometimes, but since I don't really have a lot I want to write about today, it wasn't that big of a deal.

I did want to share these articles with you though!

  • Lindsey is going back to jail!  Stupid meth head.  I just sat here and watched the hearing live.  Her attorney made me want to vom, and deets don't lie Li-Lo.  You are a passive-aggressive nutjob who for whatever reason thinks the rules just don't apply to you.  I found it convenient that her bailbonds dude just happened to be in the court room, but the judge said 'nope.  cuff her and take her.'  Good job judge!

What do you think?  Should Meb be doing both or will trying to win NYC hamper his chances at making the USA Olympic Marathon team?  Do you think that a sub 2 hour marathon is right around the corner?  Personally I still think it will be a few years...To knock 4 minutes or so off the current record, it would have to be a phenomenal athlete, phenomenal course condition and phenomenal weather.

I won't even ask what you think about Li-Lo, but if you want to chime in, go for it.  Cannot wait for that November 2nd hearing.  Thats 2 weeks she has to do at least 16 hours of work at the morgue...and considering her excuses up till now and getting FIRED from the Womens Shelter for no showing 9 times!...well it should be interesting.

How exactly does a person get fired from a volunteer (comm service) job?  :o/

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