Monday, October 24, 2011

2012 Destination Races

Destination races have been selected for 2012!!!

Here are some hints:
Destination #1
  • Boasts the highest population (state wide) of heathens non-religious people
  • One of the 7 States without personal income tax (State)
  • Jimi Hendrix and Bing Crosby are from here
  • Coffee is a big deal here and because of this one, most of Americans are addicted and spend hundreds of $$ a month on it.
  • Destination #2
  • This state also has no personal income tax (State)
  • Officially became a city in 1911
  • There have been 14 implosions here since 1993
  • Houses the only skeleton of an Ichthyosaur
  • I lived here for 7 years
So once you guess which ones I am doing and when, what say you?  Want to join me for either!?!?!?  (p.s. I am only doing the half's; or is it halves???)  There will be no full marathon(s) for me between Jan 16th and Dec 31, 2012.  :O)


Jamoosh said...

RnR Seattle and Vegas?

Lisa said...

For sure, Seattle & Vegas.
Seattle sounds so cool.

Any time goals?

Lesley @ said...

Aw man, I wasn't first to guess!!!! See ya in Seattle!!!!!!!!!!

Xaarlin said...

Sounds like cool races. I liked Vegas for the first year they did the whole "run down the strip".

JunieB said...

Yes, Lisa there is a goal time for Seattle. I have a pacer for that race so hoping he gets me where I want!!! More on all of that in another post!

There is also another destination race, but I have to enter the lottery for it (no not nycm), so if I get in, yet another blog post :O)

melissa said...

I may wanna go to one of them!