Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friday in Chicago - Expo etc. - Another Picture Story

When I returned from my run Friday morning, Tracey was up and we both got ready to head out to the Expo.  First we had breakfast downstairs which was included with the awesome package Tracey got through her work, so we both opted for the buffet which was INCREDIBLE!!  At $22 a person it better be!  But for us?  Free baby free!!!  I was starving too since I had had a salad (Thai Chicken) at lunch at the Elephant and Castle, and the antipasto salad at Giordanos.  I was ready for some yummy breakfast which included scrambled eggs, bacon, a small pancake, a couple of tbsp's of hash browns and a few cubes of sharp cheddar!  That filled me up and then some!

Then we were on our way!  We had bought the 3 day pass for the CTA at the airport ($14), so we walked up to Michigan Ave and hopped on the 3 bus to take us to the Expo.  The pass includes all trains and buses.  Great deal for transportation and so easy to manuever the city this way!

The flash on my camera just really brought out the reflective nature of RUN NAKED on my tshirt!

Runners Wall of Names

The 'wall'.  I loved the symbolism of the large brick wall inside the expo area...

We walked out on the deck to get some air and what a beautiful view!

....including this hot runner guy...running towards us...

and then running away from us.... :)

I was so excited to meet 'Xaarlin' who we had read each others blogs all training season and we met up at the Expo.  Excuse my hair; I just didnt want to fix it... :)

After catching the bus back to our neck of the woods I wanted to show Tracey the 

I took several goofy reflection pictures of myself in the 'bean'.  Such a tourist!

Here I am actually underneath the bean and I thought it looked like one was looking into one of those things we had has kids that were like a kaliediscope.  I know I spelled that wrong but whatev.  :)

We then headed back to our room for some rest and to wait for our other roommate (Amanda) to show up.  She finally did, then she ran off to the Expo while Tracey and I took naps.  :)
Still loving this sign...view from our hotel room before heading out to dinner at Italian Village

About a month before arriving in Chicago, I had made reservations for us at Italian Village.  We had eaten there twice last year during marathon and I just absolutely adored it, but you definitely need reservations on marathon weekend!  There are 3 different restaurants inside, each with a different price point and selection on the menu.  We ate at La Cantina.

I didn't take a lot of pictures but here are a few.

We walked down the hallway into the back room which was very cozy, dark and fantastic.  Our room was full of runners!  Big shock!

Bread with oil and spices.  Yum!  Followed by mostaciolli with italian sausage and a FANTABULOUS glass of Pinot Grigio!

Outside as we were leaving
We walked back to the hotel and fell into bed for a wonderful nights sleep! 

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