Thursday, October 13, 2011

Recover and Reset (One down, Two to Go!)

Yesterday, my legs felt 'good' and I had no issues with walking down or up stairs so I figured I would do as the schedule said and go out for a short 30 min recovery jog.

All went well, other than the fact its still freakin' hot as hell here!  Seriously Mother Nature when oh when will you cut us some slack other than a day here or there!?

At first there was a bit of trepidation before I started, but as I made my way across the street (to the shady side), it didn't feel bad at all.  Legs wise.  I could still feel a bit of tightness in the quads, but other than that, nothing.

As I ran along, I thought a bit about last weekend, and then my thoughts turned to Dallas White Rock Marathon in just 7 short weeks.  I am pretty darn excited to know that Lesley (who I plan to run with...hopefully I can hang with her) and part of the Bitchy Runners (who also just ran Chicago) will be my companions on December 4th!!!  My girl CD from KW and from Lukes is supposed to do it also, but I fear she is on the verge of backing out.  Kids!

Earlier in the day I had logged onto Kenyan Way and reset my settings for the next marathon and well, I am pretty darn sure I am not going to be running 19 miles this coming Saturday!  It is not taking into consideration that I just ran 26.2 4 days ago, although it still reflects the marathon on that day, as well as the recovery days.  However apparently it thinks that 6 days is enough recovery before another long ass run.


I just sent an email to him with my 'plan' and asked for any adjustments.  Basically here is what I had planned on (Saturday runs only beginning this week):
  • 6 miles
  • 10 miles
  • 15 miles
  • 17 miles
  • 20 miles
  • then begin taper 3 weeks out as usual
OK you veteran marathoner's out there...What say you?  Should I change this?  Is it reasonable?


Jamoosh said...

Honestly, the plan needs to be modeled to the person since we all recover and rebuild our base differently. I think you have a good plan for YOU - especially if you are comfortable with it. If it were ME I would turn your 15 miler into an 18/20 miler, do a drop back week (your 17 miler), then do a 20/22 miler before the standard taper.

JunieB said...

Good point Jamoosh! Thats why I would like 'suggestions' from others on what they think (ive never done this before). thats an interesting switch up and makes sense. Anxious to see what SW says too.

Come on readers, give me ideas!

Lesley @ said...

From a purely theoretically coaching standpoint, you should be able to do the reverse of your taper the first couple weeks back. I think your weeks look fine and I think Jamoosh's suggestion is reasonable too.

With that said... Who cares, just get uninjured through the next several weeks and come run with me!!!!!!! Very excited. We *should* be right on pace together if I can hold my Crap together!

JunieB said...

Here is what I just received from Coach SW:

6, 10, 15, 18, 20, 14, 10, marathon

Xaarlin said...

I sent a message to
Your twitter because my phone is acting cray cray.

So 1 down, 2 to go... What's the next one after Dallas? :)

I think listening to your body is key to remaining healthy and being successful for Dallas.

Junie B said...

I got it! Houston is after Dallas; Jan 15 I think the date is :)

How are you feeling!?

Xaarlin said...

You are a marathon maniac! :)

Feeling 90%. Some quad soreness still, but nothing to write home about. Just had a kick butt massage and am feeling so much better!

Anonymous said...

Did 3 marathons last yr in a span of 3 months (#'s 30-32) Ideas, schedules, opinions all good - nothing more important than what ur body & mind will allow. If after an hr you are mentally "out" or physically out, then check out. You don't want to show up to ur next one mentally not wanting to be there. Do whatever it takes to be happy, healthy, bushy tailed, springy for ur next.