Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday in Chicago - The Mostly Boring Day

Saturday morning I had plans to meet up with some other Texas bloggers for breakfast; Running off the Reeses, Bitchy Runners and Tin Can Treader.   My roommates asked if they could go, and well how could I say no?  So off we went, taking the train to the nearest stop to the Famous Pancake House and when we got off we were smack dab in the middle of a wonderful little Saturday Farmers Market!  I wish Houston had one this awesome!

Thats Amanda there in the shot

Cely from ROTR found this place and it was in the quaintest little neighborhood!  I wanted to just stay there all day!  We had expected the line to be really long and when we got there I didnt see the others so we just got in line before it got crazy.  The others showed up a bit after that and I went out to visit.

This spinach/feta omelet was as big as my head!  And it came with mushroom sauce which was unexpected but thankfully it made the dish.  Otherwise it was missing something.  It came with a little pancake and you can see how much I actually ate of my breakfast!  I was stuffed!

Bitchy Runner, Not Sure, Tin Can and ROTR; all first time marathoners!  BR and TCT are also NOW doing Dallas White Rock and Cely is off to Vegas for #2 the same weekend or we would have gotten her to Dallas one way or the other!  And yes ROTR, I borrowed a photo from your blog!
After leaving and to cross the street a group of casual cyclists came through.

More Farmers Market on the way back to the train

Waiting on the train....

Yay!  Here it comes!!

Tracey and Amanda on the ride back

Another shot of the Apple store; 2 days after the first photos.  We had gotten off to go back to Niketown so that Tracey could return the shirt she had gotten because she had found another one she liked better at the Expo

We got back to the room after Niketown and Tracey and I were lazy bums, staying inside mostly watching college football, leaving only around 4 to go grab an early dinner (salad and fries for me!) then back to the room for more laziness.  Its pre-marathon day/night and we took full advantage of staying off our feet.  Amanda went off to meet a friend for a visit to the Aquarium.  I warned her, but by the time she got back she was bitchy about being on her feet too long.  :)  Like I said, I tried to warn her!  All those runners/tourists in town and a major Chicago attraction?  Crowds and looooooooooong lines.

Next up!  Marathon day!


Randee and Angie said...

Wish we could have visited more over pancakes...but looks like we will have the change before White Rock! Training resumes tomorrow!

Xaarlin said...

I love all of your photos from the past few posts!

That pancake place looks awesome. I need to go there. Pancakes have carbs right?

I cant wait for your recap of the marathon :)