Monday, October 24, 2011

Kenyan Way Long Run - Still Ramping Back Up

13 days post-Chicago Marathon and all is well. 

Or as well as can be expected I suppose.

I thought I had 11 miles this Saturday but upon further inspection I realized it was 10 miles and even though its only a mile shorter, a mile shorter is always welcomed in my mind.

Especially on this last Saturday.  Good grief it was back to horrible weather.  Not AS horrible as the Summer but once you get a taste of Fall, anything 70 and above and with 90% humidity just sucks no matter how you slice it.

And to add insult to injury it was a big race weekend in Houston (Houston Half) and whenever there is a big race in town, Coach tends to give what I call the "lazy route" for us that arent racing but running our long run on Saturday as usual.

The "lazy route" means running to Memorial Park (do a loop), run back to base and depending on your mileage, run either the bayou or portions, again depending on what your particular mileage is for that day.  this way all he has to do is set up 2 water stops.  Easy peasy for him, sucks for us.  :O)  What worries me about this is that the weekend I have to do my last long run before Dallas White Rock is the 26.2K here in town...and I am just hoping that he doesn't do the same thing again!!!  If he is, I might make the decision to do the 26.2K even though its horrible (3 loops) route but at least its pavement.  I can make the decision the week of which also helps.

So to lessen my frustration with these two sections of the route, I got to base a bit early, did a few miles then took off with the group for the 7.5 to Memorial, loop and back.  I made it about 2.75 miles around that damn loop then broke off from my (new) little squadron of peeps and ran the road up by the pool and headed back that way.  I freakin' hate hate hate running that surface at Memorial and all day Saturday my legs were more tired than usual because of it.  Because I cut off a bit early, I just ran the long way back to my car after getting back to base.

Alls well that ends well.

Anyway, just like after last Saturdays run, for the rest of the day and even in to Sunday, my left knee has been ouchy.  I had said last weekend I was going to start wearing the patella band again, but I havent.  I will starting this evening though.

Additionally, my PF is acting up again on my left foot and at just random times the pain surges through my heel.  Time to start rolling it again on the frozen water bottle.

I am not terribly worried about either of these issues, but I do worry about possibly getting another stress fracture.  Granted I am not on my feet 8 hours a day AND running like I was when that happened, but still.

It makes me think about it less knowing that the next 2 months I am not working hardly at all on the weekends.  As a matter of fact, in December, I have decided not to work at all at LL.

I need the break from that and with the financial front being much better now, I don't have to work on weekends if I really don't want to.  Knowing that I have the next couple of weekends free made yesterday go by even slower!

Gonna be a hot week until Thursday when the big cold front is coming and I cannot wait!  I am actually looking forward to my 15 miler this coming Saturday!!!  40's!??!?  Yes please!

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