Monday, October 10, 2011

Week Ahead

So I ran the Chicago Marathon yesterday, and I figured I would let you see what my week looks like in terms of recovery.

Monday:  No Run/No nothing other than a bit of walking in the city; fly home evening (probably on the plan right now as this is posting!)
Tuesday:  No Run.  Lay on couch all day.
Wednesday:  No Run.  Back to work. Walk 2 miles.
Thursday: No Run. Walk 2 miles.
Friday: No Run.
Saturday: 6 miles.  Nice and easy.
Sunday: No Run.

Normally I would be easy running by Wednesday but this time is different.  I have another marathon in 7 weeks, which means not only do I need this recovery time, but I also have to do another 20-22 miler in 4 weeks.  I just felt like it is mucho importante for me to really, really give my legs a break for a bit longer than I normally would.

Thoughts?  How long after your marathon do you get out there and run 5 or more miles?


Xaarlin said...

I'll probably do 20-30 minutes on the ellip or cycle tomorrow and then try to run on wednesday. Maybe 5 easy miles. Surprisingly im not really sore- just some quad soreness. Did something to my shoulder post race and thats been hurting worse than anything...

And CRAP!?! Youve got another marathon in 7 weeks??? That is AWESOME!! :)

Junie B said...

probably going to revise this based on how i feel. i am like you, just quad soreness that has been getting better throughout the day! stayed off the El stairs :)