Thursday, October 27, 2011

Over. It. Mother Nature. Over. It.

OK, seriously I am so over this hot ass damn weather.  I have been lazy in the mornings, so that means I am running after work and it sucks.  Even though I wait until around 5:45 or so when its shaded, it still sucks.  And yes 80something is better than the 90's and 100's we had all Summer, but once you a) get a taste of Fall or b) at the END OF OCTOBER, one expects to have some relief.  And once you have a cool front or two, it really makes it harder to go back to the heat/humidity.

Out of the last 3 nights, last night (6m) wasn't the worst, but it still sucked the life out of me to some degree.  Monday night (7m) I totally mismanaged the time and ended up running way more in the dark down a road I didnt really like running down in the dark.  Thats why last night I made sure to a) start earlier and b) I ran the reverse route.  Worked out great.  Also for some reason seemed shorter which makes no damn sense whatsoever; maybe because it was daylight and that it was at the beginning of the run instead of at the end where all I wanted to do was .get. home. 

Tuesday (4m) was just brutal, but it was a shorter mileage day and I did hills/sprints, so it was much easier to suck it up.

Thankfully a cool shot is headed our way today.  Yay for rain and cooler temperatures!  If I had to do 15 miles on Saturday in the damn heat again I don't know...there would have been all kinds of bitchin' up in here.  And the 7 day in general looks to be in favor.  I don't have to get up in the mornings to run and then when I dont, feel pissed off about it.

When I didnt get up Monday morning that set it all in motion.  If I run in the evening, then it makes it that much harder to get up 12 hours later to run again, then I am just stuck in the afternoon running pattern for the week unless I skip a day for a reset.  Plus the little Nugget head has been waking me up at least once every night this week.  He doesn't mean to as he is just playing with something or trying to get into something and it wakes me up.  I am a light sleeper these past few years and even more so the past month for some reason.

I am just hoping that the rain that is supposed to come either gives me a break to get a few miles in this afternoon.  I dont mind running in the rain, as long as it starts after I have started!  And if its just sprinkling it makes it easier to start as well.  We need the rain so badly though I am not going to complain if its a full blown gulley washer and it blows my run right out of the water.

Who else hates starting a run in the rain as opposed to it starting to rain after you are already out there!?


Jamoosh said...

My only criteria for running in the rain is it has to be enough to soak me. Drizzle pisses me off.

I am weird.

TX Runner Mom said...

I don't mind starting a run in the rain, as long it's just a little drizzle. I had one of my best 6-milers last year in a nice drizzle. :-)