Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thursday In Chicago - A Picture Story

On Thursday I arrived in Chicago around 10am and Tracey arrived just 5 minutes later and we met up in baggage claim.  Unfortunately we were in different terminals so since I was more familiar with the airport, I made the trek over to where she was and we boarded the Blue Line into the city which is about a 30-40 min train ride.
We had early check in, so we dumped our bags off and set off to find food and to explore the city (i.e. shopping!)

I didn't take photos all the time, but here are some of what I did manage to capture from our Thursday outing!

We found a place called Elephant and Castle which was right near the El.  Even though it was a bit loud, we still wanted to sit outside since it was so nice out.

Chicago Theatre, which incidentially our hotel was right across the street and we could see the sign all lit up at night from outside our hotel window.  Look the other way and we had a wonderful view of the river and could see all the boats floating by.

We thought oh wow, we can go see Bryan Adams but figured it wouldnt be a good idea the night before the marathon,  :)

Ahhh yes...Magnolia Bakery!  Not the same as the one in NYC, but cute, quaint and you could smell the sugar almost a block away.  We went back every single day (it was a mere block from our hotel), but sigh, I only had 1 cupcake the whole time because they were always out of whatever I wanted (pistachio or German Chocolate).  Tracey however had a cupcake a day since she is a Red Velvet fan.
Inside Magnolia Bakery

This was actually taken on Friday as we stopped by on our way to the Expo.

Outside Niketown.  I never made it there last year and we wanted to see what Chicago Marathon merch they had.  We each walked out with one shirt.  I love my Run Like El tshirt!!!  The back side has Chicago Marathon 2011 in small writing on the bottom of it on the backside.  Discreet but informational :)

After we left Niketown we were walking back up Michigan Ave and we saw a large crowd, commotion and what we approached we realized it was the Apple Store.  People had begun writing notes to Steve Jobs and a memorial site was born.

This was one of my favorite stickie notes

Later in the evening as we went out for dinner (Giordanos) we saw this.  I thought it was cool how all over the city this is how bikers store their bikes on the street.  Locked up tight!
Next up:  Friday and the Expo!

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Adrienne said...

Awesome pics! I've gotta run that race here soon! Looks like a great experience:)