Thursday, October 20, 2011

So Easy A Caveman Could Do It

Probably not....  :O)

If I had to break down 2010 I would say that I was 75% a primal/paleo/caveman eater (with heavy emphasis on lacto ovo vegitarianism).  And I felt and looked fantastic.  Then something occured (and I won't go into it here) and I back slid just before Chicago Marathon 2010 and I pretty much didnt recover from that, putting back on the inches/weight/whatever you want call it.  All in the middle section.  Welcome to your 40's ladies!  Fight it now or it will only get worse I promise you!!!

Off and on, I vasilate being PPC and being a carbivore.  All the stress of this year too with Mom and all didn't make it any easier, then another personal blow of losing someone from my life forever I think that I loved cared very deeply for...well it just created stress and sadness, and I am one of those people that given the opportunity, I will 'stress eat' and that means carbs for someone like me...Then also after about July brought on another challenge which prohibited me in some degree  and I went for the cheaper options which means too many times I opted for the somewhat processed options which included pasta/rice etc.  And even though I only drink 1 DC a day, its a 40oz'er and it adds to this middle thing I have going on.  Oh the joys of getting older and gravity!

And while I dont think its awful, my appearance, the puffiness is SO there and getting worse.  The past 2 weeks I have done muuuuuuuch better and thankfully my earlier situation is no more, so that frees up more $$$, but I still have some things in my house that need to be consumed because I refuse to waste $$$.  Thankfully there isn't a lot, but enough to where if I space it out between now and November 1st, I shouldnt see any consequences on my body because of it.

This time though I am throwing myself completely into Primal, with a 21 day challenge (Mark Sissons new book just out) where I am basically going to treat that 21 days as my detox and back to the person and BODY I was in 2010.  I was slim and trim and just overall felt great about myself, my appearance, and more than that, my insides felt better!!!!!!!

As I said, right now and for the past 2 weeks I have been slowly moving in that direction, and would say that 60% of my food on a daily basis is PPC.

I am excited because I know how quickly my body responds to this lifestyle, and that alone makes me giddy!

Countdown to Primal = 11 days!

And for those who are curious, while Primal/Paleo generally scoffs at the long distance runners (saying that its unnecessary and not conducive to caveman days), there are plenty of endurance athletes out there who are primal/paleo.  Some I even know IRL.

You just make 'sacrifices' during training/marathons and ingest the Gu or whatever you have to, but a lot of vendors out there (Nuun for example) are very low sugar/low glycemic which is awesome!

And then of course there is always No Meat Athlete who goes against the norm as well for endurance athletes as well!

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