Monday, October 3, 2011

Marathon Week

The days leading up to a marathon are always a little crazy.  I don't know that I haven't ever had a crazy week beforehand because usually I am traveling to somewhere else to run and that means time off from work, which means a lot more work to do before I leave.

This holds true again this time around.  I have so much going on at work and I don't like to leave it for someone else to deal with, so I have been getting here extra early and focusing more just so I have all the ducks lined up.  Hopefully eliminating any undue stress for my co-workers to deal with while I am gone.

As it stands right now, I still haven't packed. 

Who am I? 

I am generally packed by now, but honestly I have been putting it off due to 'weather watch'.  Since it looks to be warm again this year, no bulky sweaters to pack and no coat either.  Sigh. 

Oh well, it is what it is and at the rate the forecast is going, it will for sure be another 'no shirt' marathon.

I will pack tonight since I won't have the chance to do that tomorrow evening and Wednesday is just out of the question.  :O)  At least the carry on is packed except for the shoes I will wear on race day.  I am trying to air them until the last minute to minimize stinkage in the carry on.  :O)

More than anything I am just so ready to get away from all things Texas.

And while I haven't even run the marathon #1 (for 2011) yet in Chicago, my thoughts have already moved past that and is thinking about marathon #2 (for 2011) up in Dallas the first weekend of December.

Do you pack extra early, or are you a last minute packer?


Becka said...

I travel for most of my races and usually do it all the night before. I like to live on the edge :D

Good luck in Chicago!

Xaarlin said...

haha I just started doing the same thing. Not even finished with chicago and contemplating the next one. I was thinking of one in TN in April, but registered for Miami in january... yikes.

Cant't wait for this week! Now that it's here, it will go by so fast :(