Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mile High!!!

Good morning everyone! 
Right now I am high in the sky on my way to Chicago for the marathon!
And of course, just like last year, as each day has passed the temps have risen for race day.  :(

But honestly I don't really care so much!   I (and the spirit of my Momma) will finish with our heads held high no matter what!

I went back and looked at some numbers from last year for the 13.1 split and the 20 mile split so that I have something to gauge myself on; and just go from there.  I don't really have a plan right now and won't until Saturday I suppose when I really know what the numbers are to be for the starting temp and the noon day temp.  That will give me a range and I will use that to decide what my course of action will be on Sunday!

Have a great Thursday!!!


Lesley @ said...

Thinking of you and cheering from afar!

run4may said...

good luck. i ran last year and thought it was way too hot and my body did not hold up in the heat.