Sunday, October 23, 2011

Houston Half Marathon - October 23, 2011 - Kenyan Way Coach (Sean Wade)

Our Coach at Kenyan Way, Sean Wade.  Mile 5 of the Houston Half.  In the lead for Masters Men.  Making it look oh so easy.

A fellow KW'er and my neighbor SS took off on our bikes this morning and made our way over to meet some other KW'ers at the Starbucks to watch all the hoopla.  Great morning for spectators but it was horrible conditions for the runners.  Hot, and extremely humid!

And then again on the way back.  3.1 to go and still looking strong Coach!  I don't know at the time of this posting if he actually won Masters men, but probably did.  He would have dropped by the 10 mile mark I think if he didnt think he had it in the bag.  Hoping he got a 1:07 or better!  (now know he got 1:11...cruised in knowing he had the $500 in his pocket methinks!)


Jamoosh said...

He was definitely moving when he passed me (going the other way obviously...).

Anonymous said...

I ran it too! Slowly- but for my first race, I'll take finishing as a win!
Were you at the starbucks with the hula lady?

Junie B said...

Yes we were at Starbucks but not with those folks. There were a few crazy dressed up people though there cheering. The sumo wrestler woman was cracking us up!!

Congrats on your first race! it was my first long distance race 5 years ago!!!