Monday, October 17, 2011

A Beautiful Thing

Oh yes...come to Momma!!!

Although as you see that 90?  That was today when I went out to run.
The original plan was to get up this morning, run a few miles and then go to hills with KW after work at 6pm.
What ended up happening was this morning:  Run - 0   Bed - 1

So that meant I didnt want to go do hills AND do miles in 90deg after work.  Therefore I laced up and headed out just before 6 when I knew 95% of my run would be shaded.  I did incorporate a bit of hill work by having to run over 'the bridge' going and coming.
Total miles was just under 6, so I will call it a success.
But DAY-UM Gina, I was a hot, sweaty mess.
Recovery from Chicago is going well.

Here's to cooler weather for the next 7 days!!!

For all of you in taper right now for MCM and NYC, how's it going????

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TX Runner Mom said...

Other than having to take last week off because of my neck issues, it's going great. Trying not to let the taper madness get to me this time...we'll see!