Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kenyan Way - Last Long Run before Chicago - 10 miles

Crisp and cool

It wasn't as cool as they had predicted but it still felt awesome.  The temperature actually dropped and I pretty much could tell you where and when that happened because I felt it was substantial in my opinion.  When I finished, got to my car the temp was 60.

I ran a couple of warm up miles with CD and then off we went.  It was to be a nice out and back and my only gripe (originally) was that a mile of it would have to be done on Memorial path but this morning it wasn't even a blip on my radar. 

On several occasions through the first couple of miles of the route, CD had to make me slow down my pace.  Sure enough as I would look at my watch we were running close to 10min miles and I shouldnt have been running that, so I backed off to 10:30.  I felt like I was crawling.

My legs wanted to go.

I knew I would be dropping her at the 2nd water stop as I headed back to base so I did as I was asked (she had 18 to do) and sure enough when I turned around and headed back, fresh off of a Roctane, the fuel kicked in and I was off like Secretariat.  If Secretariat ran 10min miles that is :O)

The last 3 miles actually were sub 10 with mile 10 coming in at 9:47.

I had broken the golden taper rule.

Later in the day I realized that I probably shouldn't have done that, but it just felt so darn great outside after suffering all Summer in the heat.

So now we come to the days leading up to October 9th, and I have one more little speed thing, which isnt going to tax my legs much.  The past year or so Coach has made some changes to the way the schedules are the last 2 weeks of training, therefore I have mile repeats tomorrow morning.  Just 3 of them and not at a crazy pace, actually just a bit over what I had input as goal time, so its just over gmp (even though I maintain there is no time goal :))

Since I am traveling on Thursday, and I leave really early, there will be no time for a run unless I run in Chicago in the afternoon and I dont really want to do that, so I am just going to have an additional rest day this week.  We'll run Friday morning in Chicago and that will be it until Sunday.

The 7 day doesnt really excite me, and I know it will change but as it stands this morning, it means I will be running in short sleeves, possibly just a jog bra half way through.  If I think its going to be too warm for a full shirt, then I will just wear a throw away so that I can toss it when I need to.  If the start temp stays relatively close to what it is showing now (51-53), I might wear a throw away light long sleeve to wear before the start.

I packed my carry on this morning (which basically only is race day stuff), and I put in a couple of long sleeves and a light rain jacket for just in case.  This way no matter what the weather changes to before Thursday, I have that bag packed and ready to go.

I have officially become nervous!!!

I am off to spend the day with my sister!!!  So excited!!!


Gaslight ;-) said...

You're going to be fine.

I was really worried I wouldn't be able to hold a decent pace after months of slow-assed runs in 84 heat, but it turned out great. Maybe by blisters will heal soon so I can go for a decent pedi!

JunieB said...

ha! funny you mention pedi's! my sister wanted to treat me to one on Sunday while she was getting hers and i was like NO WAY! I need these callouses! So after Chicago we're going for spa day together. :O)

And CONGRATS on that 3:22 up in Twin Cities! you ROCKED IT girl!!!