Friday, July 9, 2010

You and I

Amazing song...I dont care what anyone says, the girlz got skillz...
She sure can sang ;o)
No lip syncing...write your own lyrics/music...can actually play musical instruments?
Wha???  Thank God for women who actually have talent...Gaga, Pink, Xtina...just to name a few that are still around..
And the most outrageous thing about Gaga is her fashion...not her partying...chopping off all my hair, rehab, I'm a crazy lunatic crap...and if you are ever so inclined there is a segment out there where Gaga is interviewed about her past, her strict upbringing, her love for music, and her inspiration for the music and fashion...all which, much like an M. Night Shalamayn movie, have an underlying message/moral to the madness...shes quite fascinating...

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